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Living in Spain, Barcelona and Madrid - Residency Permit 2017 & 2018-min

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Please keep in mind that this article will only be applicable to non-EU citizens, as EU citizens have everything easier for them in regards to residency because of freedom of movement.

Today, we are covering another of the most usual questions that pop up in our feed, which is about the possibility to apply for a residency permit for Spain from within the country.

The story goes like this: you know about Spain and love the country, you decide to visit it as a tourist and, finally, you decide that there is nowhere else where you would want to live. The next logical step, then, would be to apply for residency and stay there, right?

Yes, that’s my thinking exactly, sounds pretty simple!

Not so fast. For Non-EU citizens, as always, everything is considerably harder. Since you do not have freedom of movement within the European Union, you will require your residency permit (of whatever type) to be approved beforehand so you can stay.

You are probably asking yourself why it should matter if you find yourself in the country or not, as the only important thing is that you prove that you comply with every requisite.

So if I can comply then why does it matter?

Well, unfortunately, it matters a lot for the Spanish Government. When someone applies for a residency permit, the Administration is only interested in one thing: “will this person become a liability?”

So even if you think you comply with every requisite in full detail, the truth is that no one knows how your application is going to end (and yes, that includes the Spanish Administration).

So I need to apply from my home country?

Yes, from the government’s perspective, having you fulfill every requisite from your home country, before even considering letting you in, is a necessary measure to achieve stability.

Should it be possible for you to get into Spain to try and live before getting your permit approved – a rejection of such permits would instantly become a liability, as rejected applicants would be potentially stuck within the country without the necessary means to sustain themselves.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

As always, there are exceptions. Should you find yourself legally in Spain, even as a tourist, and fulfil the requisites that the Law establishes for any of the Golden Visas, for example, then you would actually be able to apply from within the country through its own special process.

The reasons for that special regime are various: first of all, it is in the best interest for the country to make things easier for Golden Visa applicants, since their qualities are always considered welcome.

Additionally, the reduced number of applicants makes the potential instability more unlikely and, in any case, they will never be allowed to overstay their visas.

So can Lexidy help?

Of course! Whether you are ready to apply from your country, through a special regime, or are not sure at all of your situation; contact us and we will always assist you and inform you to your satisfaction.

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