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5 Most Important Traits To Look For While Hiring A Lawyer

Most Important Traits When hiring a lawyer


Most Important Traits To Look For While Hiring A Lawyer? It is a common mistake to wait until something goes wrong to consult with an attorney, but in today’s litigious society, that isn’t the wisest idea. When it comes to understanding law, you want to have someone you can trust and truly rely on.

When thinking about hiring a lawyer and establishing a successful match. What should you be looking for a lawyer? What specific traits do you need? 

Although, the answer depends on your personal circumstances or business, it’s generally worthwhile to understand the important traits to look for while hiring a lawyer. Many entrepreneurs say their relationship with a lawyer is like a marriage — it takes time to develop.

It’s crucial to lay the groundwork for a good partnership early. Therefore, Lexidy has identified the 5 most important traits to look for while hiring a lawyer:


 Make sure the lawyer has got the credentials to represent you and is registered in the corresponding Bar Association, as this guarantees that it’s a serious individual with a mandatory indemnity insurance to protect your interests for any eventuality.

At Lexidy we count with members of:

  • Barcelona Bar Association
  • Madrid Bar Association 
  • Qualified registered lawyers in Switzerland, France and Germany



When hiring a lawyer, think of expertise! Qualifications alone are not enough. It is important to pair with someone that has field experience and knows what he´s talking about. Experience in a lawyer is crucial for enabling the understanding what of risks and considerations while representing you.  Experience for having assessed that situation in the past with a successful result.



Life is always connected and dynamic. You cant have one without the other, therefore having someone that is also able to count with qualified advisors in other fields such as tax, corporate, immigration, will help substantially the quality of your assessment from various points of view considering the best focus.

At Lexidy we offer advise in the following fields:

  • Corporate & Business law
  • Real estate & Urbanism law
  • Tax compliance & accounting 
  • Immigration law



More than the language itself, do you understand each other? Is he making law comprehensible? 

When thinking of hiring a lawyer, Knowing how to speak a language is sometimes not enough, as the culture and ways can become an issue. However, when understanding your culture, we know what you value. Therefore, we can advise you in anticipation of your needs whilst interacting with us.

At Lexidy we speak the following languages:

  • English 
  • Portuguese
  • French 
  • Italian 
  • German



 The saying goes ¨If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys¨ and it wouldn’t be more accurate. Generally the price will represent the expertise of the personnel involved in a certain topic plus an estimation of the required time to be invested. 

If the two traits before are not considered, then you don’t care enough about the outcome of hiring someone to defend your interests.

We know this is important for you, so is it important for us to help you decide who to engage for such a significant phase in your life. 

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