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4 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Lawyers to Set Up A Company



There are many reasons why it is recommendable to hire Corporate Lawyers to assist you in setting up your new business in Spain. While some of those reasons pertain to back-office tasks or the business activity that follows. The reality is, Company formation is an intricate process with many needs. To an experienced corporate lawyer needs such as employment contracts, tax and accounting services, bureaucratic process and licencing come as second nature. 

Forming a company in Spain has a very small margin for error and hiring a corporate lawyer to get it done will grant you innumerable advantages. Not only can working with an attorney save you time and money, it enables you to focus your time on building the business, rather than worrying about the legal matters.

Here are 4 of the many reasons why you should hire a corporate lawyer to get established in Spain:

1. Corporate Lawyers ease the business registration

Getting your business registered with the Commercial Registry is not as easy as it may seem. You can encounter many obstacles along the way if you are not familiar with the rules and the language. The process to adhere to to register a business varies depending on the state and city. From selecting a business structure to obtaining an employer identification number (EIN), there are many variations and small steps that must be taken.

 Corporate lawyers in Spain can provide much-needed advice to guide an entrepreneur through the chaotic early stages of getting their company. Consulting a business attorney familiar with the specific laws will ease the process and put the business on the right track to future success.

2. Help you choose the best business structure for your venture

When starting a business in Spain, there are many company options available. The most common legal structure is a SL (“Sociedad Limitada” in Spanish, Limited Liability Company). However, depending on the specific circumstances and the specific activity of your business, there are other options such as registering as “autónomo” (freelancer) or registering a SA (“Sociedad anónima” in Spanish, Public Limited Company). The best structure will depend on different factors, such as: the activity of the business, the expected turnover or whether you are planning to hire employees. 

In case you already have a business in another country, there are even more options for your existing business, such as:

Making the right choice in company structure is important since this will have consequences in different aspects such as taxation and the limitation of liability for the business debts. With our experience, we can advise you regarding the best business structure in your case.

3. Corporate Lawyers guide you through the formalities 

Establishing and maintaining a business requires certain formalities, steps that have to be taken to get to achieve your goal of a functioning and legal company. These steps encompass procedures such as securing the company name and amending the company’s bylaws as per Spanish law. 

Even though some of these steps may seem simple, we have the experience to guide you along the way so that you do not experience surprises, thus making sure the process goes smoothly. A corporate lawyer can also ensure that the process is completed as fast as possible so that you can start the business activity promptly. Having a lawyer to provide legal expertise, offer preventative practices, such as drafting the correct clauses in the company’s bylaws, and create a strong foundation for the company helps poise the business for long-term success. 

4. Assist you with running the company

It’s not just about creating it, it’s about maintaining it!

Last but not least, it is important to proceed to run the company in compliance with Spanish law, especially regarding tax and accounting aspects. In order to do so, it is primordial to have a professional at your side who can guide you through these complicated fields and make sure that you can focus on the company’s success while they take care of these legal matters. Another aspect to keep in mind once your company is established is the hiring of employees and dealings with social security and labour laws. From the drafting of employment contracts to assisting in case of conflicts, having a lawyer at your side is imperative in order for your business to run smoothly.

All in all, we recommend that you have a lawyer guide you through the company formation process in order to make sure that you are in compliance with the law and to avoid running into trouble with the Spanish authorities.

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