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property in Spain

The value of property in Spain in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona continues to rise. The upward trend that began in mid-2018 extends at the beginning of the year, although it does so at a slower and more moderate pace. The market remains stable but the question is:


Is 2019 a good year to sell a property in Spain with maximum profitability?

Here are some answers you could interpret as you can:

– The prices of housing in Spain have increased by 5.4% in provincial capitals.

– In some cities of Spain, the demand for housing is low, but, if we focus on Madrid and Barcelona the time to sell has arrived.

– As the demand in those two cities is growing, so is the offer.

– Technology is helping. Anyone can obtain a free assessment of their home through an online questionnaire available on ProntoPiso website. So, from the first moment, the seller would know the guaranteed final value for which the property will be sold.


We really don’t know where the market will end, but, where we are is a good moment to sell a property in Spain. Besides, technology is at the service of the market to keep accelerating the process of Real Estate.

So, if you were wondering that if it is a good time to sell, the answer is as clear as the water. Yes! 2019 is a profitable year to sell a property in Spain, especially in Barcelona and Madrid.


If you are interested in this topic, you can also learn more about property investment in Spain.


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