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The Digital Nomad Visa Spain: Your Passport to Work and Wander

Digital nomad visa

You’ve probably noticed that the way we work has undergone quite a transformation lately. These days, more and more folks are trading in their cubicles for a life on the move as digital nomads. And guess what? A bunch of countries are catching onto this trend. They’ve rolled out the red carpet with digital nomad visas, designed to simplify the whole work-from-anywhere dream. No more visa headaches, just pure productivity in your dream locale. 

In this blog, we’re serving up the ultimate guide to Spain’s digital nomad visa. We’re talking all the must-know stuff – what you need, how to apply, what tax twists to expect, and of course, the benefits. So, buckle up as we walk you through the nitty-gritty of Spain’s digital nomad visas. Ready to dive in? Let’s get to it!

Table of Contents:

  1. Steps to Become a Digital Nomad in Spain
  2. Why should you choose Spain?
  3. Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa  
  4. Frequently asked questions about Digital Nomad Visa 
  5. Healthcare in Spain
  6. Spain’s Pathway to Citizenship
  7. Comparing Digital Nomad Visas: Spain, Greece and Italy
  8. Begin your journey today with Lexidy

Steps to Become a Digital Nomad in Spain

Steps to become a digital nomad visa
  1. Choose your ideal destination: Take into account factors like cultural fit, economic stability, healthcare, education, and personal values.
  2. Consult with a legal expert: Find a legal consultant who specializes in visas for your chosen country.
  3. Start collecting the documentation: Work with your legal consultant to gather all necessary documents as per the Consulate/Embassy requirements.
  4. Apply for your visa: With your well-prepared documents, apply for your digital nomad visa either from your current country or your destination of choice.
  5. Get your visa and move in: Once approved, congratulations! You’re all set to pack your bags and move to your new digital nomad paradise.
  6. Extend your visa to a residence permit: Be aware that some countries might require you to extend your initial visa to a more long-term residence permit. Consult your legal representative for guidance.
  7. Take care of your taxation regime: As a resident, it’s essential to grasp the tax regulations of your new country. Seek assistance from a lawyer to navigate this aspect.

Why should you choose Spain?

Digital nomad visa in Spain

Stunning landscapes and amazing weather: From sun-drenched beaches to the rugged beauty of the Pyrenees, Spain is famous for its diverse landscapes and sunny weather.

Rich lifestyle: A fusion of vibrant traditions, lively social gatherings, numerous festivals and impressive cultural heritage. Spain´s rich lifestyle welcomes and entices people from all backgrounds.

Low cost of living: Spain is an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life and a relatively low cost of living. From affordable transportation to an abundance of fresh produce and local eateries, there´s plenty for you to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Mediterranean diet: Enjoy plenty of fresh and seasonal produce over a round of tapas with friends. Spanish food culture is a vibrant tapestry of traditions, flavours and social connections.

Incomparable work-life balance: Spain´s work-life balance is a cherished part of the country´s lifestyle. Enjoy a healthier and more balanced work-life schedule to enhance your overall well-being and contentment.

Excellent health and educational systems: Spain is renowned for its comprehensive and high-quality health and education systems. You can rest easy knowing you and your family will be taken care of with a high standard of care. 

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa  

Known for its vibrant culture, sunny climate and excellent infrastructure, Spain has emerged as a popular destination for remote workers. The country now offers a Digital Nomad Visa, which provides a unique opportunity for individuals to work remotely while enjoying Spain’s rich history and lifestyle. This visa isn’t just a permission slip; it’s an open door to fuse work and leisure in a way that only Spain can offer.

Key Requirements for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

Here’s how to score that golden ticket to work from Spanish paradise. To be eligible for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa you must meet the following criteria:

  • Stable Income or Financial Means: Demonstrate a stable income or economic means, sufficient to support yourself and your family members, for at least one year in Spain.
  • Valid Travel Insurance: Present a valid travel insurance policy covering your entire stay in Spain.
  • Remote Work or Freelancing Activity: Provide evidence of a remote job or freelancing activity that allows you to work remotely.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Showcase a clean criminal record and good standing with Spanish immigration authorities.

The Application Process

Now that you know you meet the requirements, how do you go about securing the visa? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown: 

  1. Connect with the Spanish consulate: Apply through the Spanish consulate in your home country or country of residence. They’re your gateway to this whole process.
  2. Gather required documents: Collect all necessary documents, such as proof of income, health insurance coverage, and a clean criminal record. These documents showcase your eligibility and credibility.
  3. Pay the visa application fee: Cover the visa application fee, which is your golden ticket to starting your digital nomad journey in Spain.

Taxation Implications in Spain 

Let’s talk taxes for a minute because, well, they’re kind of a big deal, right? If you’re soaking up the Spanish sun for over 183 days a year as a digital nomad, you’re going to have to pay taxes.

But don’t sweat it! Spain’s got a tax benefit called the “Beckham Law.” Essentially, it provides foreigners with fixed tax rates on certain income types, giving you a smoother ride through the tax maze. So, while taxes might not be the most exciting topic, Spain’s got a silver lining for digital nomads. 

Frequently asked questions about Digital Nomad Visa 

Can I apply for a digital nomad visa abroad?

If you’re already soaking up the Spanish sun, you’re in luck – you can actually apply for a residence permit right there in Spain. This permit gives you the green light to stay for up to 3 whole years. 

Can I apply for a digital nomad visa from home?

Absolutely! If you’re not yet in Spain but have your heart set on this captivating country, you can apply for a digital nomad visa that’s good for a year that you can apply for from your home country. Even better, once you’ve got that 1-year visa squared away and you’re soaking in the Spanish sunshine, you can transform it into a residence permit that’s valid for 3 years.

Can I work for local companies with a digital nomad visa?

Got the digital nomad visa itch and wondering if you can dive into the local work scene? Well, in Spain, you can, but they’ve got some guidelines in place. You’re welcome to take on work from Spanish companies. However, it shouldn’t exceed more than 20% of your total workload. 

What are the employment requirements to get a digital nomad visa?

If you’re eyeing Spain for your digital nomad journey, there are a few employment hoops to jump through. To qualify, you’ll need to showcase that you’ve been working remotely for a minimum of 3 months before you hit that application button. But that’s not all – your employer or freelance clients need to have had real activity for at least 1 year. 

What is the minimum income requirement to get a digital nomad visa?

Let’s talk numbers – specifically, the euros you’ll need to bring to the table. If you’re the main applicant, you will need to earn at least 2,160 € per month. Additionally, if you have family members joining the adventure, the income requirement goes up a bit. For each additional family member, you’ll need to show an extra 810 € per month. 

What about other countries? Do they have a digital nomad visa?

The world of digital nomad visas is expanding beyond Spain’s borders! In addition to Spain, Greece and Portugal are also offering attractive digital nomad visas, welcoming remote workers to their sunny shores. 

Italy has also been developing its own digital nomad visa. However, as of now, the Italian digital nomad visa isn’t fully available yet. The details are still being ironed out. So, if Italy’s calling your name, keep your eyes peeled for updates and get ready to explore the Mediterranean way of life while working remotely in the near future. 

Healthcare in Spain

Digital nomad visa in Spain

Access to quality healthcare is a pretty big deal when you’re trotting the globe as a digital nomad. Fortunately, Spain has an excellent healthcare system, providing peace of mind to you during your stay here.

Spain’s healthcare system is a shining star in the medical world, known for its top-notch care and easy accessibility. If you’re a digital nomad soaking up Spanish life, you’ve got a pathway to their public healthcare system through a nifty card called the “Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual” or TSI. To apply for the TSI, you must be registered with the Social Security system and have a work contract or be self-employed.

If you’re more into the VIP healthcare experience, Spain’s got your back there too. You can take advantage of its private healthcare options for a more comprehensive and personalized service. Private health insurance is widely available and offers access to private clinics and hospitals with shorter waiting times for appointments and treatments.

Spain’s Pathway to Citizenship

For some digital nomads, the possibility of obtaining citizenship in their chosen destination is a key consideration. Becoming a citizen in a foreign country typically requires a significant investment of time and commitment, so it is essential to understand the pathways available in each country.

Spain offers a pathway to citizenship for foreign residents who have lived in the country continuously for ten years. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate their integration into Spanish society and pass a Spanish language and cultural knowledge test. It’s worth noting that the years spent on a digital nomad visa may not count towards the ten-year requirement unless the individual transitions to a different type of residence permit. 

Comparing Digital Nomad Visas: Spain, Greece and Italy

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect digital nomad visa, it’s important to pick one that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs. So before you take the leap, let’s break down the essentials and see how Spain, Portugal, and Greece’s digital nomad visas stack up.

Income Requirements

In the financial department, Spain, Portugal, and Greece seem to be nodding in agreement. They all require you to prove your financial stability so that you can support yourself for at least a year. 

Health Insurance

No matter where you’re landing your digital nomad dreams, there’s one thing these countries won’t budge on – your health. Spain, Portugal, and Greece are waving the “health insurance required” flag, making sure you’re covered throughout your entire stay.

Tax Implications

Now, let’s chat about everyone’s favourite topic – taxes. Spain and Portugal offer favourable tax regimes for digital nomads, with potential tax benefits under certain conditions. Meanwhile, Greece isn’t far behind, offering flexibility regarding tax residency, and allowing you to choose your tax status.

Begin your journey today with Lexidy

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa opens doors to a lifestyle where work and leisure blend seamlessly against the backdrop of its vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes. But before you embark on your work-from-anywhere journey, it´s important to understand the application process, taxation implications, and lifestyle opportunities in Spain. 

Need help navigating the complex waters of your visa application? At Lexidy, our expert legal team is here to guide you through the entire process of applying for your digital nomad visa, so you can ensure a simple and successful transition to your dream destination. 

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