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The New Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa in Spain is finally here

Updated December 23, 2022

Attention digital nomads: Pack your bags for your next destination — España is calling you!  

Digital nomad programs and favourable tax regimes for startups are becoming more common worldwide, and Spain being a choice destination for digital nomads and entrepreneurs alike, joins the ranks.

Spain Startups law passed on December 21, 2022! FINALLY.

This progressive new law is not only advantageous to emerging companies. It’s a real game changer for Digital Nomads who’ve had their name on the waiting list to head to Spain on an official visa. Now, rather than taking an immigration side route to live in Spain as a Digital Nomad, you can enjoy the ease of the new specific visa pathway and access comfy tax benefits. 

Okay, okay, the law has been published, BUT we are still waiting on the competent Administrations to publish their criteria which will lay out all the specific requirements. We suspect this is going to take more than a minute — likely around 1-3 months. Seriously though, start your application now!

The New Spain Digital Nomad Visa

What is the Spain digital nomad visa?

The Spain Digital Nomad Visa permits non-EU citizens to apply for a particular Visa Permit. This visa isn’t for all digital nomads! It’s only open to those who have been employed for more than three months, and permits them to work entirely remotely.

Not all nomads are applicable for this Visa. just those who have been employed for more than three months, and permits them to work entirely remotely. Freelancers can apply as long as their Spanish clients don’t exceed 20% of the total workload.

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa allows you to take advantage of specific benefits, such as:

  • A new advantageous residence permit 
  • Applicants can include family members
  • Various tax benefits, yet to be determined (Stay tuned for our December article about Digital Nomad Taxes in Spain.)

Digital nomad visa requirements

You’ll need to submit the following documents with your application: 

  • Proof your company of employment has existed for a minimum of one year
  • Proof of adequate financial means — approximately €2000/month
  • Clear documentation stating your employment can be done remotely (i.e. contract/letter from the company)
  • If employed by a company: proof the company is outside of Spain and the working relationship has been maintained for at least three months before relocating to Spain. As well as permission from the company allowing the employee to work remotely from Spain
  • If self-employed: proof the individual has commercial activities outside of Spain for at least three months prior to relocating to Spain.
  • Documentation supporting the individual is a highly qualified professional with a university degree or 3 years of provable experience in their field

The application process is easier and cheaper if you apply from within Spain. However, you can also apply at a Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your home country.

Spain digital nomad enjoying remote work in
Digital nomad in Spain enjoying a Spanish terrace.

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Advantages of working in Spain

Back in 2020 Lexidy wrote a guide for Spain digital nomads. A lot of the info. provided is still relevant, especially the worthiness of Spain as a digital nomad destination. However, much has changed… from visa options to the digital nomad landscape. Then digital nomads were only a lucky few. Now digital nomadism is more than a trend or a visa category, it’s a lifestyle. One where work is balanced with travel, exploration and freedom. It isn’t always what you see in the photos, laptops by the beach — sandy keyboards aren’t everyones jive — but, such photos capture the true essence of a digital nomads reality. 

Living in Spain as a foreigner is more often than not, an incredible experience. Even in traditional office jobs, Spain promotes a strong work/life balance. Cafes have speedy wifi and are friendly to digital nomads and their laptops. Transportation is aplenty, as are sights to see and things to do. In larger cities you can get by without knowing Spanish (though why not learn?). Different climates are available from the Southern coastline to North of Madrid. The cuisine is truly exceptional in every area of Spain. Barcelona and Madrid have huge international food scenes as well. You can always find something delicious and available for various budgets.

Which brings us to a crucial point — the cost of living. Spain is an affordable European destination. Check out another blog post where we outlined costs of leasing property in Spain. Foreigners especially find Spain to be inexpensive, and as a digital nomad in Spain you’ll salary from outside of Spain will likely be significantly higher than those working within the country. Your money will go far and you can be comfortable on the visa’s minimum salary requirements.. Some sources identified the cost of living in Spain to be 123% cheaper than the United States.

How Lexidy Can Help Digital Nomads

Whether it’s obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa, Converting an existing permit into a Digital Nomad Visa (those which allow), Tax breaks, or Recognition of your company as an “emerging startup” we have you covered.

Our team of English-speaking immigration lawyers can help you prepare your application correctly and in the best possible way. Plus, once submitted, we can help move along your application and check on it for you. Beyond this — Lexidy has a team of tax experts who will help you navigate taxes as a digital nomad in Spain, as well as real estate lawyers to advise of leasing or property purchases.

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