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Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain

Work with an immigration lawyer who is dedicated to helping you move to Spain with a Non-Lucrative Visa.

Spain is ready and waiting for you…

Looking for a way to live in Spain for an extended period without the need to work? Consider applying for a non-lucrative visa! Let our team help you make the most of your time in Spain.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain and start your adventure.

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How can a lawyer help me with Non-Lucrative?

Our lawyers can assist you with a non-lucrative visa in Spain by helping you understand the requirements for the visa and guiding you through the application process. This may include reviewing documents and providing advice on how to gather the necessary information and paperwork, assisting with the submission of the application, and representing you in any legal proceedings that may be required.

To qualify for a non-lucrative visa in Spain, you must meet certain criteria, such as having sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents without engaging in paid employment or conducting business activities in the country. A lawyer can help you understand what options are available to you and advise you on the best course of action to take to meet the requirements for the visa. They can also provide guidance on any legal issues that may arise during the process.

It’s important to note that obtaining a non-lucrative visa in Spain can be a complex process and it may be advisable to seek the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that your application is completed correctly and efficiently.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t try to go through the Non-Lucrative Visa process on your own. Seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer to increase your chances of success and make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The Non Lucrative Residence visa allows non-EU citizens to reside in Spain if they can support their lifestyle without working. This is called having sufficient economic means.

It allows the main applicant’s spouse and their dependent children to join them. The main ask is that the family has enough wealth to support their lifestyle. Also, the holder can travel in the EU’s Schengen area visa-free. So you can enjoy tourism throughout most of Europe.

It is issued for a year and is renewable for a two-year period. The permit holder only has the right to move to Spain and does not have the right to work in Spain. It is strictly a Spanish residency visa.

After five years of living in Spain, the holder can get a permanent residency. This can set them on the path to Spanish citizenship.  

Unlike other visa applications in Spain, there’s no need to make an investment in the country.

The Non Lucrative Visa is not a work permit. However, it can become a Spanish work permit if the visa holder starts their business or a company hires them. This is one way to get a Spanish passport and our immigration attorneys can help.


The application must be made in person at the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your country of origin or residence. It cannot be applied for from Spain.

After filing with the Spanish consulate, it usually takes up to 90 days to get an answer.

Applicants must be able to support themselves and their family. Also, they will need private health coverage.

Some documentation may need to be translated into Spanish by a certified translator, such as bank statements or marriage certificates.

This Spanish residency visa doesn’t require the applicant or visa holder to have Spanish parents. Also, they don’t need to be born in Spain.

They can’t work but can earn passive income from investing or real estate.

However, like a student visa, the non lucrative visa allows for studying and attending classes. 

  • You must receive a fixed monthly amount from a permanent source of income, such as a trust fund or retirement pension. This cannot be a salary as it could be misunderstood that you need to work during your stay in Spain. The amount must be at least €2,200 a month, plus €550 a month for every family member that is joining you. Typically, the applicant must show bank statements to prove this.
  • You need to have private health insurance with full coverage. Only Spanish and EU citizens can use public healthcare in Spain. Some places, like Madrid, restrict access to their healthcare system for the first year of residency.
  • You need to show other paperwork like a clean police record and a medical certificate. You could also need paperwork from the civil registry of your home country if you move with your spouse.

1. Collect the documents

Once you have the paperwork, the application is answered within 20 days. Law firms like Lexidy can help with visas like these. 

2. Apply at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate

The applicant must appear in person at their Spanish Consular Authority in their home country or where they legally reside. 

If there is no response to the visa application, then it has in effect been rejected.

3. Move to Spain

Once the application has been approved, you will be granted a visa that will allow you to travel to Spain. The visa is granted for one year and can be renewed for two-year periods.

4. Apply for a Foreigner’s ID Card

After entering Spain, they must register at the local Spanish Town Hall. Here they can apply for the Foreign ID Card or residence card, known as a TIE. The applicant has 90 days to apply for the TIE. After 10 years in Spain, the holder can apply for Spanish citizenship.

Some clients struggle with the language, so Lexidy’s immigration attorneys can accompany the applicant to the appointment.


The Spanish government asks applicants to supply evidence that they can support their lifestyle. Most Consulates ask for a bank certificate. It must show the account bank and must have a date close to when the application was filed.

The applicant will need:

  • Six months of bank statements.
  • The funds must be held by the name of the main visa applicant.

The funds don’t need to be in a local bank. However, every person in Spain needs a local bank account when moving to the country.

Most non lucrative visa applicants require the following documentation to obtain residence in Spain:

  • Private healthcare insurance from a Spanish provider
  • National Visa Form
  • Bank certificate showing proof of sufficient income
  • A Passport
  • A Criminal Record Background check that is legalized
  • A medical certificate

The process is much easier and faster with an immigration lawyer.


To renew your permit, you just need to show that:

  • You have private healthcare insurance
  • Sufficient financial means to support yourself
  • You were in Spain for at least 180 days during the year when the permit was issued.

The permit is issued for one year and then renewed for two years. After 10 consecutive years in Spain, the visa holder can apply for Spanish citizenship.

The renewal can be submitted online. Our legal team can do it for you.


🇪🇸 Spain is calling for you...

Looking for a way to live in Spain for an extended period without the need to work? Consider applying for a non-lucrative visa! Let our team help you make the most of your time in Spain.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain and start your adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The whole process takes three to four months. Though this can be longer for some embassies.

You must apply within three months of your planned travel. You cannot apply earlier.

Some consulates and embassies reject the application if you work remotely.

We can help you with the application process for Spanish work visas.

You can reapply after fixing the errors. You can also appeal the decision with the Spanish courts but this process can take several years.

The Non Lucrative residence permit does not allow you to work in Spain.

The business activity residence permit allows you to work in Spain as:

  • a self-employed person
  • or as an administrator for your Spanish company
We can help you apply for a work and residence visa.

Your family can apply with you. You need to show that they can financially support themselves. You will need to provide extra documentation such as marriage or birth certificates.

Unmarried partners who can prove a long-term relationship can also apply as dependants.

The most common reason is for not showing sufficient funds to support themselves. The conditions vary depending on the autonomous community or Consulate.

Our immigration attorneys work with appeals and can position your resubmission for success. Lexidy’s lawyers will even assist with court action to overcome rejections. 

We can also prepare you for any visa interviews.

This visa is a residence card. The holder is to reside in Spain for at least 183 days a year. However, this also meets the threshold for becoming a Spanish tax resident. So you will pay income tax on your worldwide income.

This includes rental income and profits from investments, which also attract capital gains tax. Our team of tax lawyers can help you understand your tax requirements. 

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My wife, 2 children, and I wanted to move to Spain on a non-lucrative visa to experience something new following a stressful covid period. I had the privilege of working with Max and Gabriela, who were outstanding: Fluent English, nurturing us the whole way from initial sales contact through to landing in Spain, refreshingly responsive (usually within minutes, unlike many legal firms which work in units of days!), deeply knowledgable (added so much more value beyond paperwork), professional, experienced, and couldn't do enough for us. Top marks -- and that's from a customer with high expectations! Thank you for the quality experience and for helping us realise our dreams 🙂
Duncan Casemore
Duncan Casemore
08:57 01 Jul 22
Lexidy helped my family with a non-lucrative residence application for Spain. It was a difficult case as I am Australian, my wife Nigerian, and we applied from Ghana, however Lexidy provided an exemplary service and coordinated the application very well. Highly recommended.
jason B
jason B
11:49 01 Apr 22

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