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Best Immigration Lawyers in Italy for Expats

Italy is calling you…

Thinking of moving to Italy for work, study, or to be with family? An immigration lawyer is your go-to guide. We can help you understand your options, simplify the complex paperwork, and even represent you in legal matters. Make your Italian dream a hassle-free reality with our expert legal advice.  

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How can a lawyer help me?

Need help with immigration? Let’s face it, the world’s complexities aren’t going anywhere. But, in today’s intricate world, we’re leveraging technology to bridge gaps and bring people closer together. As your immigration lawyers, think of us as your personalized GPS for all things legal. 

So far, we’ve helped thousands of people reach their goal of living in a new country. Maybe you’re looking to level up your career and advance your education. Or perhaps, you’re looking for the opportunity to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever your version of ¨the dream¨ is, we’re the experts who make it happen. 

Why do we do it? Easy. Overcoming the obstacles and penetrating the bureaucracy fuels our mission to give our clients the highest quality of service possible.

Digital Nomad Visa Requirements for Italy with Giancarlo Osteto

“Digital Nomad visa is not released yet, but the law passed and needs to be enforced by the Italian government.

Requirements such as minimum income and time are still the point of discussion, and the government needs to discuss those topics in upcoming months.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t try to go through the immigration process on your own. Seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer to increase your chances of success and make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Immigration services in Italy

Temporary ResidencyRead more
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The variety of work visa options available in Italy is an appealing option for those looking to work and live in the country. They range from temporary work permits to contract work visas and professionals with a registered VAT number for non-EU citizens. Those who stay for at least a year are usually granted temporary residency, which can be upgraded to permanent residency after six years.However, anyone planning to stay in Italy for more than 90 days must obtain a “Permesso di Soggiorno”" which is a residence permit. The applicant can apply at their local police station in Italy, and the holder is free to travel throughout Europe's Schengen area without a visa. Our legal team is here to help you avoid becoming lost in translation when attempting to comprehend Italy's Temporary Residency requirements.
Residence Permit for Foreign EntrepreneursRead more
Read More
For many, the most straight forward way to immigrate to Italy is by being self-employed. This approach allows small businesses to relocate to the country, while allowing the business owner to gain a Residence Permit. This option is open to those who offer professional activites that require formal qualifcations. Ex-pats can also apply for this visa if they are moving to Italy to become a company Director. Most applicants must proof that they have the financial means to support themselves. The Immigration team at Lexidy have helped thousands of clients open new businesses in new market, so book a consultation today.
Retirement VisaRead more
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Italy encourages people to retire on its shores after finishing their careers and work in their home countries. It’s one of the few options available to retirees in Europe and to qualify the applicant must have a pension that pays out €31,000 a year. An ex-pat can also retire with their spouse. This visa is another pathway to obtaining Italian Citizenship for people seeking to make deep roots in the country. Speak with Lexidy’s Immigration lawyers to retire in the way you’ve always dreamed of.
Italian CitizenshipRead more
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Many ex-pats who live or work in Italy look at their surroundings and see that it’s their home for life. Italy embraces those seeking Citizenship with several routes towards becoming an Italian national. Temporary and Permanent Residence Permits can lead to Italian Citizenship. So too can investment programs, like buying Italian bonds and stocks or creating a business via the Golden Visa, or even deciding to retire in Italy after finishing their employment in their home country. Lexidy’s Immigration lawyers will advise you on the best route towards Italian Citizenship and how to speed up your application.
Golden VisaRead more
Read More
Investors can secure residency in Italy via a government program that encourages foreign direct investment in the country. A non-EU applicant can secure this Golden Visa by investing €2 million in Italian government bonds or company shares, investing €500,000 in Italian company shares, funding innovative startups with €250,000 of capital or investing €1 million in cultural and public interest projects. The applicant will receive a two-year visa which can be renewed for three further years but the investment must be kept for at least two years. This is also a common step towards Italian Citizenship. Our Immigration lawyers will help you understand the best option for your investment
Student VisaRead more
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Italy is rich with world-leading universities and education institutions and foreign students can apply for a Student Visa to study abroad. The main requirement for applicants is to show their local Italian Embassy or Consulate that they have been accepted onto a course, which is much simpler compared with the process for other visa in Italy. After completing their studies, student can convery their Student Visa into a Work Permit and enter the Italian job market. Book a call with our Immigration Lawyers and take your education to the next level.
Tourist VisaRead more
Read More
Our Immigration team is well-versed in supporting tourists with their visa applications for a short visit to Italy. An applicant generally requries a valid passport, travel tickets, travel insurance and a proof of accommodation to secure this visa but some countries have particular requirements and applicants can benefit from our close relationships with Italian Immigration Officials. Speak with Lexidy about your circumstances.
Schengen VisaRead more
Read More
This Visa allows non-EU citizens to travel visa-free throughout Europe’s Schengen region. It covers XX European countries and allows the holder to have freedom of movement to enjoy the continents rich diversity of cultures, sights and delights. The Schengen Visa has three categories and our Immigration experts will explain which is the best option for you.

Temporary Residency

Interested in staying in Italy for at least one year? Reach out to us to explore your work visa options. 

Residence Permit for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Bring your business along when you move. Contact us to discover how you can secure an Italian Residence Permit as a foreign entrepreneur.

Retirement Visa

Got a pension of at least €31,000 per year? You can qualify for the Retirement Visa in Italy. Lexidy is here to guide you through the process.

Italian Citizenship

Whether it’s through a Golden Visa, retirement, or other residence permits, we can help make your move to Italy more than just a vacation spot. Get in touch!

Golden Visa

Secure an Investment Visa in Italy through a €2 million acquisition of Italian government bonds, €500,000 invested in the Italian stock market or with a €250,000 startup investment. Let’s discuss which options work best for you.

Tourist Visa

If you want to visit Italy for a short period of time, contact Lexidy so we can help you with all the requirements for a Tourist Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you want to retire to Italy, you will first need to get an Elective Residence Visa. To apply for this visa, you need prove that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself and your family. Remember, you cannot work in Italy with this visa, so it’s perfect for those looking to retire. Learn more about the Elective Residence Visa here.

If you want to move to Italy without a job, you will first need a visa. There are a few visas that could work for your circumstances. These include the Long-Stay Tourist Visa, Student Visa, or perhaps the Elective Residence Visa. Our expert legal team can help select the right visa for your unique situation. Get in contact with us today!

Milan and Rome are the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in Italy. They are also home to the biggest communities of ex-pats. 

Italy is the 4th most affordable country in Europe to live in. However, like any country, your cost of living will vary depending on your lifestyle and the location you choose to settle. Bigger cities like Milan and Rome will cost significantly more compared to smaller cities like Palermo or Genova. So make sure you do your research and choose a city that aligns best with your budget and lifestyle.

In order to become a permanent resident in Italy, you must first live here for at least 5 years. Afterward, you can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit which will grant you similar rights to Italian citizens.

Yes! Italy recognizes dual citizenship and you will not have to renounce any other citizenship to gain Italian nationality.

The short answer is, no. It’s not possible to gain residency in Italy through property investment. If you’re interested in investing in the country, there are other avenues than property that will get you residency. Learn more here.


Work with English-speaking immigration Lawyers in Italy:

Taking the leap to move abroad? That should be exciting, not stressful. We get it –uprooting your life is a big deal. It’s a choice that puts your life on a different course forever. That’s where our proactive team of immigration lawyers comes in. 

We’re all about efficiency. Why? Because your time, money and effort are important. Whether you’re sorting out matters involving residency, diving into work opportunities or navigating visa requirements, we’ve got your back. With us by your side, you can spend more time focusing on planning your Italian adventure and less time on paperwork.

Why move to Italy

Italy has been the backdrop to many Hollywood films. The boot-shaped country is a blend of sophistication and class with authentic rustic and uncomplicated charm. Here are the top reasons to make Italy your next home:

  1. Cities For Every Taste: Whether you’re a history buff longing for Rome or a business-minded individual eyeing Milan, Italy has a city that fits your style.
  2. Small Town Charm: If big cities aren’t your thing, quaint spots like Florence and Bologna offer a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere.
  3. Beach Life: Need we say more? With the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia, your Instagram will thank you.
  4. Not Just for Tourists: People come for the sights but stay for the incredible quality of life. Seriously, you might come for a week and decide to stay for a lifetime.
  5. Food Heaven: From pasta to pastries, Italy’s culinary scene is worth the move alone.
  6. Relaxed Lifestyle: Italians know how to live life at a comfortable pace. Say goodbye to constant stress.
  7. Practical Perks: Italy is home to around 50 World Heritage sites and offers great weather all year long. Aesthetically pleasing and practical? Sign us up.
  8. Education and Work: With robust universities and a diverse job market, Italy is more than just a pretty place.
  9. Affordable Living: Between the reasonable cost of living and high-quality public services like healthcare and transportation, your wallet won’t be crying.
  10. Gateway to Europe: Feel like exploring? Italy is so well-connected that hopping to another European country is a breeze.

Planning on moving to Italy? You’ll need to navigate the visa process. Let’s break down what you need to do, whether you’re from the EU or elsewhere.

For EU Citizens

If you are an EU citizen, then you don’t need to have a Residence Permit when moving to Italy. Just register at a local police station within eight days of arrival. 

For Non-EU Citizens

If you are not an EU Citizen, the process is more complicated. You’ll need a specific visa, and an expert immigration lawyer can help you save time and money. We’re here to guide you in work, study, or retirement situations.

The Paperwork

In general, you will need to produce an array of paperwork to obtain your desired visa. Our team of Immigration lawyers work closely with Italian Immigration Officials the more specific requirements.

Beyond typical paperwork like a valid passport, recent portrait photograph and valid insurance, many ex-pats must show that they have the financial means to support themselves and a valid reason, with supporting evidence, for entering Italy. 

Supporting evidence usually covers the following:

  • An employment contract for employees planning to work in Italy for a company.
  • A valid business license for self-employed and freelance workers.
  • University enrolment forms or sponsorship for students.
  • A valid proof of passive income and future payments.

Relocating with Your Family?

It’s important to work with a lawyer to ensure that applicants present the correct paperwork. If you plan to relocate to Italy with your family, you’ll need to have verified copies of their birth certificates and if one parent travels alone with the child, then the parent will need a court document that shows they have consented to travel internationally with the child.

Specific Visa Rules

There are also specific requirements each visa. For example:

  • All foreigners must register with a local police station within eight days of arrival in Italy if they plan to reside in the country.
  • Students must be able to show that they have €450 per month in order to support themselves.
  • Startup founders must filly commit €50,000 to comply with the Innovative Startup Visa Program.

Feeling Lost?

Navigating visas can be a headache, but that’s why we’re here. We’ll guide you through each step, so you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Ready to make Italy your home? Get in touch and let’s start planning!

People are resourceful and have a wealth of information at their fingertips, but when it comes to immigration, you need more than just information – you need expertise.

Here’s why an immigration lawyer isn’t just helpful, they’re essential:

Up-to-date Guidance: Laws change, life happens and what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. A lawyer keeps their finger on the pulse of legal changes, both in Italy and your home country.

Insider Information: As experienced immigration lawyers, we know the system inside and out. We can point you to the best (and often cheaper) options tailored just for you.

Strong Connections: Lawyers have long-lasting relationships with Italian Immigration officials, Embassies and Consulate and can navigate bureaucracy elegantly and swiftly to deliver results.

Paperwork Pros: Trust us, you don’t want to mess up the forms. Immigration experts are exposed to documentation every day, so preparing paperwork successfully is second nature to us.

Interview Prep: Sometimes there are interviews and a seasoned Immigration legal expert will prepare you for that meeting with the officials. 

An experienced Immigration lawyer is your guide to a new life in a new country.


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Myself and my wife wanted to apply for Spain's digital nomad visa from our home country of Turkey and we decided to get help from a local law firm and chose Lexidy. Unfortunately for us, the process did not go as we planned and we regret paying €3000 to Lexidy.- Ever since the beginning, we felt that Lexidy was not familiar with the overall process of digital nomad visa application from Turkey - we believe that accepting our case was a mistake for them.- Lexidy was not aware of the fact that the NIE application had to be done beforehand (we provided this information to Lexidy) and this caused us a 6-week delay in the application process- We could not communicate with the embassy properly and neither could Lexidy- Lexidy filled the NIE forms incorrectly (the embassy wanted our Turkish address and Lexidy recommended to type the city where we wanted to reside in in Spain) - on top of this, they told us that applying for NIE was normally a separate service for which they would normally charge €400 per person. A service that they didn't know was a requirement :)- Lexidy insisted that the translations needed to be done in Spain, and we found out at the application center that most of the documents did not even need to be translated- Lexidy was not aware that an apostilled criminal records certificate from Germany would be necessary (I lived in Germany for 6 months in the past 5 years) - we found out about this at the application centre.- Lexidy did not inform us that we needed to have private health insurance in Spain in order to apply from Turkey - the declaration stating that we would apply for social security in Spain was not sufficient (Lexidy told us that it would be sufficient). Because we didn't have the apostilled criminal records certificate and health insurance, the application centre did not accept our application.We discussed these shortcomings on Lexidy's part and asked for a full refund, but Lexidy only refunded €1000. We ended up doing the research, figuring out the process, and paying €2000 for some emails that didn't really help in our process. I do not recommend their services.
Akif Can Taşkent
Akif Can Taşkent
15:21 16 Oct 23
We get to know about Spanish Golden Visa by property investment through web searches but as a foreigners we have limited knowledge about Golden Visa application compliance and property sales and purchase governing rules and regulations.There are many websites out there listing out how Golden Visa legal system or property ownership in Spain works but we know it is even beyond language bearer that we need an experience, responsive and dedicated specialist to do the job.We come across Lexidy Law, which specialized in assisting foreigners in Golden Visa application and in our case through the property purchases (there are few types of ways for qualifying on Spanish Golden Visa application).Because of the straightforward services price structure of Lexidy and easy to understand explanations of the home-purchasing process, we felt confident after meeting with Mr.Alejandro who is the first person we met of the application process.During our property purchase, the sale of the house has come to a halt and become a complex and problematic deal as a result of sellers’ family dispute on the sales proceed distribution. The argument lasted for two months, pushing back the completion deadline.The Lexidy real estate team has done an excellent job, in particular with the lead by Señor Juan Diego.Juan is highly knowledgeable, competent and down to earth practical lawyer in this field; his previously work experience in real property gives us good spectrum of views and advices with alternative or solutions and he shows his capability in ranking them logically so we do the decision to choose the best fit for ourselves.He promptly provides updates on every development and highlights complication or consequences from both the seller and buyer perspective (nearly every day). His effective and fluent communication skills in written and spoken English saved thousand words for non Spanish language speakers like us; He maintain his client's best interests in mind yet remain independent in giving his advices.Lexidy's real estate team has spent a considerable amount of time and resources helping us have a successful closure to this property purchase.Yes, we are now proud house owners, and Lexidy didn't charge us extra for the additional work and efforts on the process hiccup. We are impressed and thankful with the professionalism.Thankful Lexidy, it would be impossible for us to have a flawless closure and a successful property transaction which now lead us to the final path of Spanish Golden Visa process which handle by Ms.Laura and her team.It is truly a blessing and we sincerely hope that our review might also benefit you in finding a correct choice of Spanish Golden Visa application service provider.
Yaw Kevin
Yaw Kevin
02:00 27 Sep 23
Exceptional service with exacting details. Not only were the staff friendly but also extremely exhausting to make everything simple, efficient, and clear. Whether it's about the new digital visas or retiring visas, they're your obvious choice!
Mohamed Ramy
Mohamed Ramy
09:57 29 Aug 23
A great law firm that covers anything an expat might need. I needed help with real estate initially, and they also helped me with immigration, taxes, and corporate legal matters. Fantastic people to work with. Alejandro from their real estate and immigration department is my main contact and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
Jonathan Elron
Jonathan Elron
07:37 13 Aug 23
Absolutely wonderful team that made the visa/residency application process seamless! For any Americans looking for assistance with this process, Lexidy is THE way to go. Great team to work with!!!
Michael Leggett
Michael Leggett
22:27 17 Jun 23
Poor experience to be honest. Filled out a form to obtain my NIE tax number for Spain on their website.There was a box to tick on there form that asked if I wanted help with a lawyer for buying property, I ticked “NO” the advisor “Alejandro” broke the terms and conditions of my right not to marketed to and reached out anyway multiple times. I decided to book a meeting because even though I have no intention to buy property at least I would learn about the process.Alejandro without even a email or a sorry didn’t turn up to the meeting but his colleague was sent to fill in for him. His colleague was nice and was able to learn lots from him.We agreed they could help with obtaining the NIE and later down the line probably my visa too.Alejandro was suppose to reach back out however after one week, no response. I followed up, again no response.After 33 days Alejandro reaches back out to say “ We still have no answer regarding the possibility of obtaining NIEs for our clients.”In my opinion Alejandro isn’t interested in the small commission from obtaining the NIE. He only wants the big commission from selling a property. This is why he broke the terms and conditions on their application process.My experience with Alejandro has been very poor and disappointing would avoid using him!
Arran Lake
Arran Lake
22:20 06 Jun 23

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