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Working with a Job Search Residency Authorisation


The new Job Search Residency Authorisation allows you to stay in Spain. How long? For one year after finishing your studies with the corresponding degree in order to look for a job. Thus, it opens the door to staying in Spain without having to return to your country of origin to apply for a residence permit.

If you were able to obtain a Job Search Residency Authorisation, one of the most important questions you would ask yourself is whether this permit allows you to work in the meantime.

We want to talk about this issue as we have received more and more questions about this new type of authorisation.

The Job Search Residency Authorisation allows the student who has completed their studies in Spain (any degree that is superior to level 6 of the European Qualification Framework) to obtain a residence permit for one year, during which they can search for employment.

What does working with a Job Search Residency Authorisation does not include?

It is important to highlight that this authorisation does not come with a work permit. However, in the event that the student finds work, it will be essential to process the corresponding work authorisation (work authorisation for employees, work authorisation for highly qualified persons, etc.).

For example, imagine a student residing in Spain with a job search residence permit has a job offer. Then, the student must apply for a change from a residence permit to a residence and work permit. You have to be careful with the obstacle of the national employment situation. It continues to apply if the year of residence in Spain has not yet elapsed.

Therefore, our main recommendation is to wait until the year of residence has elapsed. After this time, apply for a residence and work permit. This way, the national employment situation, in general, will not have to be taken into account when you apply.

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