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Why Should Australians Should Move to Spain in 2022?

Australians moving to Spain

After almost two years of restrictions, Australia is on course to eliminate its border and travel ban. It’s time for Australians to move to Spain.

Tourists who are double-vaccinated and have tested negative for coronavirus were allowed to enter the country from February 21st without restrictions. Western Australia will welcome back visitors from March 3rd. 

But what about Australians looking for a change of scenery. For over 700 days, Australian residents have had severe limitations on where they could live, travel and visit. Meanwhile, much of the world returned to some form of normality during 2021. 

This year promises to be the year for Digital Nomads who want to live abroad and experience more of what the world offers. This is window for Australians to move to Spain.

For something completely different but rich in experience, Australians should head to the northern hemisphere and take in everything Spain has for them. 

After two years of familiar accents, language, and environment, Spain would be the escape you seek. With its four official languages, different regions, culture, popular festivals, and world-class cities, it is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. In addition, Spanish residents have incredible cultural diversity. As an Australian, Spain makes it easy to come and live here while acting as your base for further travel throughout Europe.

This guide for Australians explains everything you need to know about moving in Spain in 2022! So if you’re wondering if you can live in Spain, then wonder no more! Spain currently offers three main ways for Australians to relocate and will soon add a fourth for digital nomads.

The Golden Visa for Australians moving to Spain.

This visa program is a Residence and Work Permit for you and, if applicable, your family members when investing in Spain. Most Golden Visa applications are via a Real Estate purchase, where the applicant invested €500,000 in property, like an apartment, Finca or land.

However, some qualify by purchasing €1 million or more in Spanish stocks and depositing €1 million in Spanish banks or investment funds.

This an expensive option for some Australians moving to Spain.

Non-Lucrative Residence Permit for Australians moving to Spain.

This option allows the applicant to reside in Spain for one year if you can show sufficient economic means to support yourself and purchase private healthcare insurance. This visa doesn’t formally come with the right to work. However, our team of immigration lawyers can advise you on navigating tricky questions around employment and your application.

Business Activity Residence Permit or Employment:

This approach allows Australians to work as an employee or freelancer/company administrator in Spain. The application requires the permit holder to have already an employer who will apply on your behalf or present a business plan that proves the project’s viability. Our lawyers can help you by reviewing your business plan and providing advice based on our experience with other Australians who have moved to Spain.

Once the company is created, you must demonstrate sufficient economic means to execute the business and maintain your lifestyle.

Digital Nomads

Spain is in the process of launching a new visa for Digital Nomads. The so-called “International Teleworking Visa” is a new residence permit that should be available by mid-2022. It will allow non-EU citizens to reside in Spain and work remotely for a foreign company. This is a common option for Australians moving to Spain.

The applicant can only work for non-Spanish companies but can perform some self-employed work for companies within Spain. The only stipulation is it doesn’t exceed 20% of their total professional activity. 

Here are the four things you need to know about this new work permit:

  • First, there must be a real and continuous activity for at least one year with the company(s). The employee must have an employment or professional relationship with the company.
  • You must meet the criteria below to show that the work or professional relationship can be conducted remotely.
  • With direct employment: The digital nomad must show that the labor relationship between them and the non-Spanish company is at least three months old before moving.  The parties must also show that the company allows the employee to work remotely from Spain.
  • With self-employment: The digital nomad must have a commercial relationship with one or several non-Spanish companies for at least the previous three months. They must also show that they are performing the professional activity remotely.

For all you digital nomads out there, contact us below, and we’ll notify you when this new permit is available. Stay tuned!

Culture, Sun and Travel

With three existing options and one to come, you can enter a world of colour and variety. Spain is the birthplace of great painters, literary and culinary artists, such as Picasso, Miró, Salvador Dalí, Diego Velázquez and Francisco Goya.

By relocating to Spain, you can enjoy museums brimming with great art. You can also eat at some of the world’s best restaurants and delight in its rich gastronomy.

Spain’s climate is also one of its most fantastic attractions. The southern coast usually enjoys about 320 days of sunshine a year and a mild climate throughout the year. This means that you can spend much time outdoors by dining on the balcony, sunbathing, swimming, and cycling. The climate is similar for Australians who are moving to Spain.

Another benefit of the excellent climate is that we have lovely scenery. Although many automatically think of moving to the south coast or the islands of Spain, the country offers diverse landscapes for your enjoyment. From Mediterranean beaches to alpine regions, deciduous forests and volcanic islands.

The infrastructure in Spain is also highly developed. There are numerous air routes, thousands of kilometers of railways and roads in Spain, making the country an excellent base for travel in Europe and elsewhere.

Cost of Living and Healthcare

Another great advantage, compared to other European countries, is Spain’s high standard of living and lower cost of living. For example, Australia’s cost of living index is the 14th highest globally, with a score of 106.9, while Spain ranks 32nd with 79.5.

The Spanish healthcare system is another of Spain’s great benefits for you. According to the World Health Organization, there is universal access, and Spain’s healthcare ranks as the seventh-best worldwide. Hospitals are modern, well-equipped and staffed by qualified doctors.

So, if you want to make a change in your life and escape Australia for something new, come and enjoy all that Spain has to offer. You can contact us to find out more about your options for the residence permits available.

Lexidy LegalTech Boutique exists to simplify how you become a Digital Nomad, move abroad and start a business elsewhere. We also have offices in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Each market has something for those wanting to leave Australia for a change of pace or surroundings. Our teams in Barcelona and Madrid will ensure that you are set up for success. However, maybe Europe is where you want to go, but Spain isn’t your number one. So contact us today and understand how Portugal or Greece are better suited for you and your ambitions.

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