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foreign degree accreditation

When thinking about migrating, we all ask ourselves about foreign degree accreditation.

Who will need their studies to be homologated or validated in Spain?

Those who have studied under a foreign educational system:

  • Whether they studied in centers located outside Spain.
  • Or whether they studied in centers located inside Spain that are authorized to teach in accordance with the education systems of other countries.

(!)However, students from foreign educational systems who wish to join any of the courses that constitute Primary or Compulsory Secondary Education in Spain do not have to go through the process of validating their studies.

What do you need in order to get your studies homologated or validated in Spain?

The Ministry of Education has published on its website the requirements that foreign studies must meet in order to be approved or validated in Spain. The requirements are the following:

  • The degree must be a guarantee of studies effectively completed in accordance with the educational system of the country issuing it.

NOTE: For the purposes of its homologation in Spain, a foreign degree obtained by homologation, validation or recognition of another degree obtained in a third country is not acceptable.

  • That the studies carried out and the degrees obtained have official validity in the educational system of the country to which they correspond.
  • If the studies have been carried out in a foreign center located in Spain, that center must be duly authorized to offer such studies by the competent Spanish educational authority.
  • That there is sufficient equivalence with the studies or the Spanish degree of reference, both in academic level and in the duration and content of the required studies.
  • That the foreign studies are totally surpassed in the educational system of the other country.
  • The validation of individual subjects is not appropriate.
  • In addition, total completion of each and every course prior to the degree to be approved or validated shall be required.
  • That the interested party has not previously obtained in the Spanish educational system the same degree or studies whose homologation or validation is requested.

NOTE:The studies carried out in foreign educational systems by students coming from the Spanish educational system will always be homologated to the Spanish title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education or to that of Baccalaureate, provided that they have passed as many consecutive and complete courses as are pending to complete Compulsory Secondary Education or Baccalaureate, respectively.

Which studies will not be homologated or validated under any circumstances?

The following qualifications or studies shall not be approved or validated:

  • Studies carried out in foreign centers located in Spain outside the provisions of the regulations governing the establishment and authorization of such teaching centers (Royal Decree 806/1993, of 28 May, on the regime of foreign teaching centers in Spain).
  • Degrees issued by foreign institutions or organizations that guarantee studies carried out in Spanish centers that do not lead to qualifications with official academic validity.
  • Degrees, diplomas, certificates or studies awarded by a public or private bodies or institutions which do not constitute academic degrees or form part of the educational system of the foreign country concerned.

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