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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many companies seek to improve their employees efficiency and productivity by providing the required tools they may need in their jobs. One of these tools are vocacional trainings or coaching, which helps companies to increase capabilities of their employees by developing their skills and qualifications. To this end, the government has left companies access to financial aid in the form of reductions in social security contributions.

Companies are free to decide what kind of training they see fit for their employees, how and when to carry it out and organise it. 

It can be carried either by the company itself or by outsourcing the coaching services to another company or person. That includes the Individual Training Permits  that the company authorises a worker to study with official accreditation, including diplomas and certificates of professionalism. 

How to get the aid?

Companies count with credit given to them by the Spanish administration for conducting the coaching activities given to their employees. For this purpose, companies have to save all the quotations given to them so they can sustain the costs in front of the administration. 

There is an additional credit for Individual Formation Permits . The companies will be able to finance the salary costs corresponding to these permits with the annual credit of bonuses for training and with the additional credit provided for in Royal Decree 395/2007.

Also, when companies have less than 50 employees they can use the credit given to them or may reserve the unused training credit in one year and accumulate it in the following two years.

What documentation is required to get the aid? 

The way to access this aid is to present all the program or training actions the company is going to undertake with their employees and present them telematicaly, for which it is necessary to have a digital certificate, provided by the system to a legal entity.

If you are self-employed with employees and therefore have only the certificate of physical person, you must apply to the Foundation for access to the application, proving your status as self-employed with employees. This access will only be valid for managing the training programmed for your workers

How can Lexidy Help? 

At Lexidy we can help you get all the documentation required to get the aid, also we can get your digital certificates and present all the applications for you to get the aid.

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