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Stable Couple Registery in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain - 2018-min

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The introduction of the registries for stable couples was meant to eradicate the discrimination between married and non-married couples, with regards to the legal recognition of their relationship and its consequences for their lives.

Now, being recognised as a stable couple is a great way to avoid going through a hasty wedding to solve immigration issues, and the many documents one has to be present if getting married in a foreign country.

In Spain, this arrangement is present in all of the different autonomous communities but they all have different requirements and processes for the constitution of a stable couple.

Focus on Catalonia:

Catalonia, at the beginning of 2017, introduced a new Stable Couple Registry and with it a new, simplified way to become a recognised stable couple.

Before the introduction of the new system, you had to prove that you had lived with your partner for a certain amount of time, that you have children together, or that one of you was Catalan.

Now, it is sufficient that you comply with just ONE of the requirements, either that:

  • you have lived together for one year,
  • that you have children together, OR
  • that you have been recognised as a stable couple via public deed before a Notary Public.

What registration option’s the quickest and easiest?

Of course, the notary option is the most obvious and easiest and, as the law states it, it is an alternative to the 1-year cohabitation requirement. Thus, it does not require anything else but the signing of the respective public deed and having it presented to the Registry for registration.

A few issues with notaries though…

It should be simple but unfortunately, we have encountered many Notary Publics that did not apply the new system correctly and continued to ask for cohabitation accreditation etc.

This puts a stop to many potential stable couples’ efforts. Not so to ours, of course. After contacting various Notaries, we have been able to find and establish a great work contact with a notary that is applying the new law as it should be.

Can Lexidy help me register as as stable couple then?

Yes. Now, we lead our clients smoothly through the process and the only unfortunate aspect is having to wait for the Registry to issue the certificate for the application for the Residence Card for Family Members of EU citizens.

If you would like to be one of the happy couples we have assisted, do not hesitate to let us know. Either get in touch with a live chat if we’re online or request a free consultation below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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