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Spanish Golden Visa For Highly Qualified Professionals

Golden Visa For Highly Qualified Professionals


Do you hold a University Degree? Is a Spanish Company willing to hire you? If this is your case, the easiest way to obtain a residence and work permit is to go through the Golden Visa for Highly Qualified Professionals. This is a more beneficial alternative than the Residency and Work Permit procedure of the General Law, since it is not necessary to overcome the National Employment Situation.

What are the main characteristics of the Golden Visa for Highly Qualified Professionals?

This residence and work permit is regulated within the Entrepreneurs Law and allows companies that wish to hire a university graduate, large companies or companies belonging to a strategic sector or developing a project of general interest, to apply for their employee’s residence and work permit in an agile and simple way.

This permit allows foreigners with a mainly technical profile to be hired by companies in Spain. The main feature of this residency and work permit is that it is the company who wishes to hire the professional who makes the application before the Large Business and Strategic Collective Unit (UGE).

The application can be presented online and as long as the company and the worker comply with the requirements and the documents required by the Administration, the foreigner can obtain the authorisation a lot faster than if they opt for the application through the General Law. However, we should not forget that due to the high workload of the Administration, the application still may imply a lengthy process.

When is a professional considered as “highly qualified”?

Highly qualified professionals are usually university graduates with a degree that implies a high qualification: for example, engineers, computer scientists, etc, although there are highly qualified professionals of all kinds. It also refers to postgraduates of business schools or universities of high prestige.

The applicants have to represent a very high professional profile, meaning that the salary is a fundamental aspect in the application. Although the law does not state any specific salary, the Large Business and Strategic Collective Unit, who has to approve or dismiss the enquiry from the Spanish company, considers that a highly qualified post implies a salary of at least 40.000 € per year. Depending on the respective profession, they expect a salary of up to 55.000 € per year.

How can Lexidy help me?

At Lexidy we can assist you with all the steps of necessary requirements to establish your residence in Spain. Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you. We are eager to help you if your intention is to relocate to Spain.

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