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“Ley de Nietos” (Grandchildren’s Law) in Spain – 2018

grandchildren's law

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to the recently announced draft law called “Ley de Nietos“, the hope of numerous Spanish descendants arises for this law, if being approved, contributing to a reappraisal of the past of former displaced refugees during the Franco dictatorship and the Civil War.


What is the “Ley de Nietos”?

Taking a look back at the origin of the Ley de Nietos, the former „Ley de la Memoria Histórica“, Ley 52/2007 de 26 de Diciembre, admittedly allowed persecuted victims who suffered violence and great injustice during 1936 to 1955 to exercise the right to obtain Spanish nationality. Nevertheless, only a part of the affected victims was able to actually obtain Spanish citizenship due to the limits imposed by the Law itself. The fact that the desired rehabilitation of the former Law failed to apply to the grandchildren whenever their parents, as direct descendants of Spanish expats, either neglected to apply for the citizenship or simply passed away before they were given the chance, finally caused its abolition in 2009.


It’s not approved yet

Even if the new law has not been officially approved yet, it was already published in the Official Bulletin of the General Courts, which shows that the new legal wording allows a more expansive application, such as the inclusion of children of the third generation of former victims. Conclusively it can be claimed that the new draft law, provided that the legal approval results being positive, renews the continuous hope of thousands of Spanish descendants to finally receive the deserved rehabilitation by being provided with a privileged pathway to Spanish citizenship.

What can Lexidy do for me?

Since the law is not active, at Lexidy we can provide you with further information and help you get some documents you may need if the law is passed in the future. Contact us and get a free consultation!

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