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airbnb in barcelona

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over the past year or so there has been a lot of talk about Airbnb pulling out of Barcelona due to the negative publicity about the company and stricter legislations being put in place.

Some people argue that renting apartments or rooms pushes prices up, leads to a lot of noise or neighborhoods getting trashed without regards for the community standards.

Here is what’s happening with Airbnb Barcelona:

Since Barcelona is one of Airbnb’s most profitable cities it’s in the company’s best interests to comply with city regulations. And over the past few months the company has reached an agreement with Barcelona’s City hall to remove 2500 ads from their platform.

From these 2500 ads, 1200 of them were removed because of the agreement the company had with city hall to remove ads for illegal rentals – and the other 1300 ads were removed to limit the ads in the Ciutat Vella (the most touristic neighborhood in the city).

Airbnb has been very clear that they do not wish to do anything illegal and that they are in favor of promoting sustainable tourism in the city. With this new agreement Airbnb has decreased the proportion of ads in the Ciutat Vella significantly from 20% to 16% and has made it very clear that they will be doing the same in other sectors of the city that don’t comply with regulations

How can I get a tourist license to rent an apartment on Airbnb?

In order to rent an apartment in Barcelona, the owner of the property needs to have a tourist license but due to the touristic boom, the City hall is not granting any more of these licenses.

So, the only way to get one of these licenses is to have one transferred from one owner to another – and the only way to do this is through the buying / selling of the properties that have existing licences.

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Watch out for the scams in Airbnb Barcelona:

Since the demand in Barcelona is really high and most of the Airbnb’s are already full, people tend to search for Airbnb accommodation outside of the official website (which might be not legitimate). Once people select the place they want to stay in “Airbnb” they are required to make a payment to a bank account, which in the Airbnb platform is not required. Any payments made outside of the Airbnb website will normally be to a scam.

Once the transfer has been made there is not much you can do about it because the account can be registered to a fake name and be difficult to trace. The most probable thing is that you will lose your money.

What can Lexiy do for me with Airbnb?

Since there are no longer licenses available, Lexidy can help you buy properties that have existing tourist licenses – or make the due diligence to find out if a property has the license before you decide to buy.

We can also help you in case you have been scammed by making a complaint to the police and start a legal action if the scammers are found. And, if you are facing an Airbnb fine, then sometimes the City hall can be acting too harshly – if you need any assistance to contest a fine or action because of an Airbnb apartment rental then we’d be happy to help.

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