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golden visa spain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to the Golden Visa regime, especially with regards to the investor route, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably Real Estate Investment.

Through the years, this option has become, undoubtedly, the most popular path to the Golden Visa for foreign investors – to the point that most people actually identify the Golden Visa synonymously with ‘obtaining residence by buying a property’.

So the only way to get to the Golden Visa is by buying property?

No. And the real estate option can overshadow all the other possibilities. In fact, there are many other ways to obtain a Golden Visa through investments.

If you didn’t know about the other routes, we don’t blame you, since the reasons that make Real Estate Investment so popular are quite obvious. Let’s take a look:

Why is the property-purchase path so popular?

First of all, there is the fact that the real-estate route actually gets you a house. We know that it may sound obvious but, considering that your main goal in mind when applying for a Golden Visa is to obtain residency, a house is logically going to be the next step.

Thus, the Real Estate Investment kills two birds with one stone, granting you the right to live in Spain while providing you with housing – giving this option an automatic advantage over the others.

The second advantage is that the investment threshold, at 500.000 €, is the lowest of all the options. With these two perks, it’s completely understandable that the other routes have been mostly forgotten. However, we think they deserve to be mentioned.

So what other investments can also lead to a Golden Visa?

The second investment possibility is through an investment of 1.000.000 €. Should buying a house not be necessary for you for any reason, the Law gives you the option to either deposit said amount in a Spanish bank account or to acquire shares in Spanish companies.

This route, while less popular than investing in real estate, is more straightforward and more fitting with the classic definition of ‘investor’; it will not get you a house, but you may not want to buy a house anyway and you should expect some economic returns with time.

Finally, we have the last and least popular path to the Golden Visa. With an investment of 2.000.000 €, you are able to obtain residency in the country by purchasing Spanish State Treasury Bonds. It’s not hard to see why this option is not the best: the threshold is the absolute highest, and the results of your investment will be slow and, at best, uncertain.

Can Lexidy help me to obtain a Golden Visa?

So now you know more about the hidden investment options that are mostly forgotten about.

And of course, at Lexidy, we are experts with guiding our clients along sometimes complex path to the Golden Visa – so, as always, don’t forget to contact us for more information!

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