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In general, the new laws introduced in 2015 on this subject were supposed to lead to a faster process, implementing a deadline of one year for the administration to decide on the applications for Spanish citizenship. Unfortunately, this deadline is frequently ignored by the administration and the applicants are left waiting for a response for several years.  

If you find yourself in this situation, the application process for Spanish nationality can be accelerated with the filing of a contentious-administrative appeal, thus achieving the reactivation of a procedure that was stopped or delayed.

Filling a contentious-administrative appeal to speed up the Spanish Nationality process

What is a contentious-administrative appeal? When can it be presented? What are the requirements?

Contentious appeals or contentious-administrative appeals for lack of response to the application for Spanish nationality are those judicial processes that we initiate before a court of justice. In this case, they are initiated before the “Audiencia Nacional” (National High Court) once it is understood that, after more than a year without a response to the nationality application, the application has been rejected by negative administrative silence.

Instead of waiting, possibly for years, these appeals provide the chance of obtaining a response in a shorter period of time.

What are the advantages of filing a contentious-administrative appeal?

This type of appeals can be very effective although they are generally somewhat slow in processing and resolution. If we do them, we can finally obtain an answer to the initial Spanish Nationality file in an accelerated manner.

At present, nationality concessions are taking an average of about three years. The contentious appeal is perfect for speeding up the nationality file. It reduces the waiting time from years to only several months.

These appeals can be filled for all applications that meet the following requirements:

  • Those filed after October 15, 2015, under the new regulations.
  • Also, those filed before October 15, 2015, under the old procedure, submitted before the Civil Registry.
  • Those applications that have been presented more than 1 year before, without a response from the administration.

How can Lexidy help me to speed up the application process for Spanish citizenship?

At Lexidy we can assist you with the whole process of the presentation of an appeal. We can help in order to speed up your Spanish Nationality file. Get a free consultation and see what we can do for you.

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