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how to sell tobacco

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]People who want to sell tabaco in Spain or in almost any other country find out that it is not as easy as it used to be before. If you want to open a Spanish company in the tobacco sector or who want to establish trade relationships in this sense should know that the tobacco and tobacco products market is highly regulated by a set of rules. 

Is it hard to sell tobacco in Spain? 

Not at all, The tobacco industry in Spain started having positive prospects since its recovery in 2014. The main tobacco product appealing to the Spanish market is represented by cigarettes.

Investors interested in this industry should know that the local consumers changed their smoking behavior, in the sense that they became more interested in the consumption of pipe tobacco.

Tobacco legislation in Spain 

Despite the good market Spain provides investors in this market, certain rules must be followed before engaging these practices.

Tobacco companies can sell their products through tobacco specialists (known as estancos) and vending machines. The Spanish estancos are also allowed to sell their tobacco products on the internet, a service which is available for the European Union’s market.

Also, before introducing a tobacco product in the market companies have to: 

  • Report a list of the ingredients and quantities used in the manufacture of the products 
  • A Statement of the reasons fo the inclusion of the ingredients in the product,
  • Toxicological data on ingredients
  • Information on the emission levels of the products 

How can Lexidy Help? 

At Lexidy, our lawyers will asses you in every way before and after you start your operations in Spain, from establishing a company to legal counsel in the day to day operations. Contact us and get a free consultation

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