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Case Study: Spanish Work Permit through Highly Qualified Professional

immigration to spain

The client, in this case, is a non-EU citizen who was offered a job as an IT developer. Prior to this, our law firm had assisted in obtaining a Spanish work permit, but these visas often require specialized knowledge, and the requirements may differ from case to case. Lexidy advised that based on his professional experience and qualification, the best option would be to apply for a residence and work permit as a highly qualified professional from Law 14/2013.

It turns out that the company that offered him the job had obtained a favourable report from the Directorate General for International Trade and Investment on the consideration of the activity carried out by the company as a strategic sector.

This report is not something that all companies can apply for, but if it is a small or medium-sized company that can be considered of national interest, obtaining such a report makes it much easier to hire non-EU foreigners as highly qualified professionals (work permit).

Of course, the person must fulfil the requirements to apply for a residence and work permit as a highly qualified professional. Still, we have certainly seen that such a report has made it easier to obtain a permit, and on top of that, in record time.

Here, the client had the professional qualification and experience for the job position. Authorities granted the permit in three working by showing his academic certificates and letters from previous employers alongside the favourable report from the administration.

Legal Strategy in Residence and Work Permit for Highly Qualified Professionals from Law 14/2013

  • Lexidy Law Boutique provided all aspects of legal assistance to the client, making sure everything went according to plan:
  • Assistance with the gathering of documents required for the application of Residence and Work Permit for Highly Qualified Professionals from Law 14/2013
  • Reviewing of the documentation
  • Submission of all the necessary documentation to obtain the work permit by electronic means
  • Assistance with the obtainment of the visa
  • Obtaining the Foreigner’s Identity Card

Lexidy Law Boutique’s lawyers assisted our clients throughout the entire process of obtaining permits to work in Spain, resolving any unexpected issues that arose. This is important as there are very strict controls by the Public Administration and people should submit all the documentation correctly and precisely.

In addition, the lawyers at Lexidy Law Boutique were always aware of the status of the Residence Permit application process, indicating the steps to be followed by our clients and informing which documents needed to be provided and how to obtain them.

We are happy to report that everything was approved. The client has been able to apply for his visa and successfully relocate to Spain and start working for that company.

If this is your case or you have a similar situation, Lexidy Law Boutique will always offer the best solutions for the obtainment of your residence permit for Spain.

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