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Criminal Record - Can I stay in Spain?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ideally, none of our readers would ever be obliged to ask themselves ‘what happens to my residency permit now I have a criminal record?’

Unfortunately, day-to-day life creates many realistic situations that can affect our legal and social status. And unfortunately you may have to ask this question.

Actually, today we write about one of the questions that concerns a lot of people applying or renewing their residency is Spain: what happens to my residency permit if I have a criminal record? How can my resident status be affected?

So will having a criminal record affect my residency application or renewal?

We must admit that the existence of criminal records is one of main reasons for refusal of residence authorizations in Spain. As a rule, it’s always denied in those cases.

The situation may vary when it comes to the renewals though, where each case will be assessed individually.

What factors can help me renew – despite my criminal record?

The main factors that might allow the renewal of a residency permit to remain unaffected, despite a criminal record are:

  • the fact that the sentence has been served
  • that the interested party has been pardoned or is in a situation of conditional remission of the penalty, or suspension of the sentence
  • the severity of the penalty itself – or simply the time passed since the commission of the criminal act.

Undoubtedly, the possession of a criminal record always negatively affects one’s residency application though – or the renewal of a residence permit. It may even be a cause of the denial of one’s Spanish nationality as it is clearly against the requirement of ‘good civic conduct’ on behalf of the interested party.

Can Lexidy help me renew my residency despite my criminal record?

Considering all this, it is very important that if you have a criminal record you inform yourself about the time that it takes to request the cancellation or consideration of the criminal records that can affect not only your residence renewal, but requests for nationality too.

And be aware that while we’re covering the basics in this post, it’s a complex process. If you do have a criminal record and would like to renew a residency permit, then please contact us – or just start a live chat!

We understand the complexities and the ways to get you through this difficult situation.

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