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Bitcoin is a crypto currency that has received a lot of attention in past because it’s not beholden to any central bank nor any state and now people are exploring the idea of buying Real Estate with it.

Can you buy a Real Estate with Bitcoin? 

Using Bitcoin to buy Real Estate is already a reality. There are multiple sites that market properties in countries like Spain, Portugal, Panama, USA, Germany, among other countries.

Perks of buying Real Estate with Bitcoin

Buying Real Estate with a crypto currency can save a lot of time and intermediaries since a bank isn’t involved in the process. Also, using Bitcoin can lead to paying fewer fees than traditional transactions.

Risks of using Bitcoin to buy Real Estate 

Bitcoin is a crash-prone currency which means that its value can fluctuate depending on perceptions or political actions worldwide. This makes this practice of conducting Real Estate business of high risk. To minimize this risk you should make the Bitcoin transaction in front of a notary who can corroborate the value of the property and the actual value of the Bitcoin.

What can Lexidy do for me? 

At Lexidy we understand the way crypto currencies work as well as the Real Estate market in Spain and we can help you buy your home in a fast and efficient way. Contact us and get a free consultation!

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