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Rent a boat in Spain


Want to rent your Boat in Spain for the Summer Season?

Summer is coming and if you are a boat owner and want to make some profit out of it you should be aware of the regulations.

Boat Rental is a Regulated Activity

Regulations on boat rentals may vary depending on the place of the activity, the legislation that the Autonomous Communities have are different. It will not be exactly the same to rent a boat in the Balearic Islands as in Barcelona, or other parts of Spain. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be aware of local regulations

Get the Right Licenses

This is very important since the purpose of the boat rental can change everything. In Spain, it is not the same renting a boat for sports or recreational activities – as for tourism or complementary leisure activities.

Also, in most scenarios, it will be required that the boats have been registered either in Spain or in other EU countries.

Different Types of Rentals

Spanish Law includes two different types of rental: Unmanned, or with crew.

To put it simply: You can provide a top rental service with crew included, or just rent the boat on its own (of course, you would have to make sure that the lessee has the corresponding nautical licenses).

Unmanned Boat rental: In this type of rental, the party renting the boat will provide the lessee with the boat without any complementary activity of leisure, tourism or pleasure (in case of the boat not being registered as an EU boat). Also, the lessee must present proof that he/she has the corresponding nautical license. If not, the rental must refuse the formalization of the rental contract

Boat Rental with Crew/Skipper : In this case, the party renting the boat provides the lessee with additional services such as a crew and skipper to man the boat. For this, the skipper or captain must have a nautical license issued by their country of origin. All this paperwork must be verified by the party renting the boat.

Documentation is Key

In order to start renting, some authorisations from the respective naval authorities will have to be obtained.

Among the information you will need to provide, the following documents are important:

  • WHO (company or individual) will carry out the activity?
  • TAX ID
  • BOAT’S information (Name, flag country, length, beam)
  • PORT BASE (Does Mallorca sound nice? What about Barcelona, or Ibiza?)
  • INSURANCE: A civil liability insurance will be needed.

What can Lexidy do for me?

Want to bring your boat from abroad and rent it Spain this summer? No problem, we will handle that too! (Also, did you know you have a registration tax exemption if you rent it?)

At Lexidy we will take care of obtaining the permits your boat needs in order to rent it!

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