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Tax on Cryptocurrency in Spain: everything you need to know.

There has been going for the last years, ongoing activity in the cryptocurrency business in Spain. However, as it usually happens, governments and regulations are many steps behind the market. Cryptocurrencies taxation is not an exemption. More than two years ago, we wrote about cryptocurrency taxation, and a lot has happened since then. In this
Spain is one of the most attractive & popular places, especially for Digital Nomads. 🇪🇸 With Immigration Experts from Spain and a Digital Nomad, we’ll go through visa options in Spain for Digital Nomads, the most attractive places, and more.  In the webinar, our legal team with Laura and Max spoke about relocation matters that
When it comes to buying or selling international property, most people forget about the exchange rate until the last minute.  However, adverse currency fluctuations can prove costly to overseas buyers and sellers alike. Exchange rates move every few seconds throughout the day. Even small, fractional moves in the exchange rate can have a surprisingly large
Many entrepreneurs are emerging, hence companies and self-employed should be aware that the personal data they collect, and the process does not belong to them and therefore have a responsibility to protect it appropriately. Digitalization has put the processing of personal data at the center of the economy and the scale of collection and sharing
A COMMITMENT TO THE FUTURE For an established business entity, chasing after a new startup idea is not a big risk to complete. These types of companies have a reliable consumer base and a massive influx of investment to fund their new business path. Because of this established core, the companies are enabled to take
Spain has always been a very attractive country for foreigners who wish to leave behind their lives in their country of residence and start a new project in Spain, a country with an unbeatable climate and a very special and different culture and gastronomy.  However, there is a flaw regarding the different types of residence
You may be interested in buying a house in Spain for a long term stay, change of employment, or enjoy retirement. In Spain, buying a property is a relatively straightforward process. Nevertheless, it would be best if you were very careful not to fall for fraudulent schemes. Below we listed the most important precautions to
If you are travelling abroad and want to take your money with you in cash, you can do so. But if the amount is equal to or greater than 10,000 euros, you will have to file a declaration with customs otherwise tax authority will seize your money. This procedure is done beforehand by filling out
Once moving to Spain, you may be surprised at some of the differences in the ways – and how much – income is taxed!  How will I determine if I need to pay taxes in Spain once moving? Tax rates and charges in Spain are dependent on the tax status of an individual. This status
The client, in this case, is a non-EU citizen who was offered a job as an IT developer. Prior to this, our law firm had assisted in obtaining a Spanish work permit, but these visas often require specialized knowledge, and the requirements may differ from case to case. Lexidy advised that based on his professional
In recent times, the most significant changes to our daily lives have been the implementation and promotion of remote work. Bringing the work to the worker, instead of the other way around. In recent years, remote work has become an increasingly popular practice. All companies, regardless of their sector, have been forced to reinvent themselves
Are you a non-EU Citizen and your partner is a European citizen and you want to apply for the Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens but the conditions to become a stable couple in your Autonomous Community are very complicated? Would you prefer to get married but the Civil Registry Office gives you
Although the process varies according to the activity being carried out, it is possible to identify six essential steps for the opening of a limited liability company in Spain (“Sociedad Limitada“): Application for the company’s corporate name  Drafting the company’s articles of association Signing the deed of company formation before a Spanish notary Registration of