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Case Study: Appeal Secures Digital Nomad Visa for Freelancer and Family

expat family in spain

Case Type

Approval of an appeal that reversed the rejection of the Digital Nomad Visa application for a freelancer and her family, ultimately granting them the right to reside in Spain.

Case Background

Our client, a freelancer working for a foreign company, applied for a Digital Nomad Visa to reside in Spain with her family. Despite providing extensive documentation, including bank statements and receipts to prove their legal tourist status in Spain on the application day, the UGE initially rejected their application due to unclear passport stamps. 

This rejection came even though the family had already begun integrating into Spanish society, including searching for schools for their children.

Case Strategy

Faced with the UGE’s decision, we crafted a meticulous appeal, further substantiating the family’s legal presence in Spain on the crucial date. Our approach emphasized the completeness and validity of the additional documentation provided, challenging the grounds of the initial rejection.

Case Outcome

After seven months of diligent follow-up and advocacy, our appeal was successful. We received two pivotal resolutions: one approving the appeal and another canceling the prior rejection of the visa application.

This approval not only validated our client’s initial application but also paved the way for their next steps, such as registering with the local Town Hall and applying for the TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero). With these measures, their legal residency and seamless integration into Spain are now assured.


This case illustrates the importance of perseverance and attention to detail in immigration law. By meticulously addressing the initial concerns raised by the UGE and reinforcing the validity of our client’s documentation, we were able to overturn a decision that could have significantly disrupted our client’s plans. This victory underscores our commitment to advocating for our clients’ rights and achieving their immigration goals against the odds.

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