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You can change your life in an instant. All you have to do is an investment and you can move to Europe with a Golden Visa. Our team of English-speaking Immigration attorneys work with people like you to get their golden ticket to a new life.

We are Immigration experts who speak your language. Your days of being lost in translation are over.

What is Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is the residence permit for Spain with the most benefits and the simplest procedure. With this visa, you and your family can work straight away by investing money in the formation of a business or purchase of the real estate.

Why choose a Golden Visa

You can apply with your family

There’s no requirement for permanent residence

The process is quicker than other visas

You can get a return on your investment

The visa has a longer validity

You and your family can work on this visa

You can enjoy low taxes

There’s visa-free travel in Europe

It’s easy to renew

Apply with your family:

Your partner and/or children can apply for a Golden Visa with you as the main applicant. You must show that you can financially support them. You will need to provide extra paperwork such as marriage or birth certificates.

Unmarried partners can also join you but you must prove that there’s a long-term relationship. In some instances, children over the age of 18 years old can join you.

The Freedom to work:

You can work if you have a Golden Visa. The work can be full or part-time. Your family can also work if they’re on your visa.

Flexible Living

There’s no requirement to permanently stay in the country. You only have to visit the country for a few days per year.

Lower taxes

You can avoid becoming a local tax resident and not pay local taxes or you can apply for favorable tax regimes that greatly reduce your tax bill

Return on your investment

Your investment is exactly that – an investment. You have the right and the opportunity to make a profit from your investment. For example, a real estate investment could produce a regular rental income stream.

Preferential treatment

The Golden Visa process and waiting times are much shorter than other visa applications. You will receive a decision within weeks as opposed to potentially months

Longer Visa Duration

Golden Visa are approved for much longer periods of time than other visas, which gives you predictability and certainty about your plans and future. 

Easy to renew  

Golden Visas are simpler and quicker to renew. In most cases, you just need to maintain your original investment when filing your visa renewal

What’s the process of getting a Golden Visa?

Decide where to go
Europe has a range of Golden Visa options, so this is probably the toughest question to answer! Don’t worry though, we can help you understand the landscape to decide which country is best for you.With Lexidy, you can compare the various Golden Visa options and see what fits your lifestyle best.
Choose an investment
The Golden Visa program requires an investment. This is usually real estate, government bonds, local businesses or a philanthropic cause. Most clients choose real estate and buy a property to live in, but some buy commercial real estate and start businesses. Your investment options are significant.
Execute the investment
Our lawyers will advise you on how to make your investment. They will assess the market conditions or perform due diligence on the asset before you complete the transaction.
File your visa application
Our Immigration lawyers will ensure your paperwork is in order. That means having the right documents and the correct translations and certifications. They will submit it to the immigration authorities and liaise the officials to monitor your application’s progress. This relationship with the immigration offices allows us to address any issues as they emerge and ensure your application remains on track for success.
It’s time to move!
With your Golden Visa in your Passport, you and your family can board a flight and relocate to Europe. Once you are settled in, our lawyers will follow up to ensure that everything is going smoothly in your new country.

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