What British Citizens Need To Know About Brexit?

All British citizens in Spain, whether you are English, Scottish, Welsh or North Irish, must be informed of the important changes that might come your way if Brexit goes ahead. 

I’m sure you have been following recent developments in the Brexit negotiations closely. Therefore, Lexidy has created a note to give a quick update about what all of this means for British citizen living here in Spain.

Here are the top things any British citizen and Spanish resident should know regarding Brexit and its consequences:


Find below the possible scenarios of BREXIT, according to the extensión approved until October 31st, 2019:

  • Withdrawal Agreement: If the UK leaves the EU with a deal, any British citizen and their family members, arriving in Spain before 31 December 2020 will be able to register as residents in Spain and under the current rules and will have their right to residence in Spain protected for as long as they remain living here. For that, they will need to arrange an appointment with the corresponding Police Station. (**According to the applicant’s expected place of residence.)
  • Hard Brexit: Lets suppose the UK leaves the EU without a deal. Any British citizen and their family members residing in Spain before the date the UK leaves, will be considered legally residents for a period of 21 months. This is irrespective of whether they currently hold a residency document, but proving that they were living in Spain before the Brexit. A good example would be the registration before the Town Hall (“Empadronamiento”).

After the UK leaves the EU, in any scenario, British citizens and their family members will need to change their registration document for a new card. Also, British citizens arriving in Spain after the UK leaves the EU will have to meet the requirements of the general immigration regime.

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Yes! if Brexit occurs, a British citizen could continue working in Spain. In this case, it would be necessary to request the corresponding work permit as a citizen of a third country within 21 months of the formalization.

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NO Passport NO travel!

Simple but important.  To travel from Spain to other Schengen countries after a hard Brexit, British citizens would need to always carry their passport, as well as their Foreigner Identity Cards (TIE).

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