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How can our litigation lawyers help you with debt recovery?

Having a lawyer for this task is decisive. They possess an intricate understanding of the debt recovery process, wielding the persuasive power of legal expertise, and drawing upon their wealth of experience gained from numerous cases. This not only streamlines the negotiation process but also renders the overall procedure more manageable. In fact, for claims exceeding 2,000 euros, legal representation by an attorney and a solicitor is a necessity.

Over the long term, the specialized knowledge that a legal expert brings to the table significantly economizes time and spares creditors from undue stress and complications.

Our litigation lawyers are well-equipped to handle debt recovery cases, ensuring that you have a dedicated legal team working diligently to recover the funds owed to you. Whether it’s through negotiation, legal action, or enforcement of judgments, we are committed to helping you achieve successful debt recovery. Contact us to discuss your specific debt recovery needs and how our legal expertise can assist you.

What is Debt Collection?

Debt Collection, or Debt Recovery, within the context of our debt claim litigation service, involves the process of assisting our clients in the retrieval of owed funds. This recovery effort encompasses both pre-judicial, which entails negotiations and settlement attempts before court involvement, and judicial means, where legal proceedings may be initiated, all with the primary objective of reclaiming outstanding debts from debtors in Spain.

The primary requirement to initiate a debt claim is the ability to substantiate the existence of the debt. Additionally, as a procedural necessity, the client is required to grant a power of attorney to the attorney, a process we facilitate and simplify for our clients. This power of attorney empowers the attorney to act on behalf of the client in pursuing the debt recovery process.

The debt recovery process generally unfolds as follows:

i. Drafting & Preparation of a Legal Notice (Approximately Two Weeks): The process commences with the drafting and preparation of a legal notice, which serves as the initial communication to the debtor, formally notifying them of the debt and the intention to pursue recovery.

ii. Negotiation of the Debt (If Applicable) (Timeline Varies): In cases where negotiation is feasible, a period of negotiation ensues, the duration of which depends on the specifics of the case. This phase is dedicated to seeking an amicable resolution with the debtor.

iii. Due Diligence of the Client to Assess Their Financial Situation: Simultaneously, due diligence is conducted to assess the client’s financial situation, ensuring that the chosen course of action aligns with their best interests and capabilities.

iv. Execution of the Litigation Procedure (Approximately 1 Year): Should negotiation efforts prove unsuccessful, or if litigation is deemed necessary from the outset, the formal litigation procedure is initiated. This phase typically spans around one year, although the exact duration can vary based on the intricacies of the case.

Throughout this process, our team leverages legal expertise, negotiation skills, and diligent client support to optimize the likelihood of successful debt recovery. We work collaboratively with our clients to navigate the complexities of debt recovery and tailor our approach to the unique circumstances of each case.

No, you are not required to travel to Spain for debt recovery. With the power of attorney (POA) that you grant us, we have the legal authority to act on your behalf in pursuing debt recovery. Additionally, we can efficiently manage the entire process, including payment transactions, from our location, sparing you the need to travel. Your involvement can be managed effectively through legal representation, streamlining the debt recovery procedure.

In general terms, there is no requirement for you to physically appear before the court. If any specific circumstances necessitate your participation, we can facilitate this through online video calls, ensuring your presence and input are accommodated efficiently and without the need for physical presence in the court.

The cost of a power of attorney (POA) can vary depending on where it is signed. If the POA is signed before a public notary, the approximate cost is 50 euros. However, if it is signed before the court, there is no cost involved, as it is typically a free procedure. The choice of where to sign the POA can be made based on your preferences and specific circumstances.

Having a solicitor, often referred to as a “procurador,” is crucial because these legal professionals are responsible for representing the party in legal proceedings. Their role is essential in expediting the process and ensuring the efficient progression of the case. Solicitors are well-versed in legal procedures and requirements, and their expertise allows for the timely and effective management of the legal process. They handle vital tasks such as filing documents, communicating with the court, and representing the client’s interests. Overall, the presence of a solicitor is instrumental in navigating the complexities of legal proceedings and achieving a successful outcome.

For expert guidance and swift resolution of debt collection matters, look no further than Lexidy. Our team of experienced legal professionals is committed to delivering strategic solutions and safeguarding your interests. 

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To request a free consultation case, please provide us with your contact details below and we will contact you via email or phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Debt recovery in Spain involves the legal process of reclaiming funds that are owed to a creditor, whether the debtor is an individual or a business entity.

You should consider debt recovery in Spain when someone owes you money, and attempts to recover the debt through negotiation have been unsuccessful.

Yes, debt recovery in Spain can be pursued against both individuals and business entities.

Debt recovery in Spain can be pursued through negotiation, mediation, or legal action, which may involve court proceedings.

The process typically includes sending a legal notice to the debtor, negotiation attempts, legal proceedings, and, if necessary, enforcement of a court judgment.

The duration varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, negotiation success, and court procedures. It can range from several months to years.

If the debtor is insolvent or bankrupt, specific legal procedures, such as insolvency proceedings, may be initiated to address the situation and recover funds.

Yes, it is possible to recover international debts through Spanish debt recovery procedures, and the process may involve addressing cross-border legal complexities.

Costs can vary and may include legal fees, court fees, and other expenses. These costs can depend on the complexity of the case and the chosen debt recovery method.

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