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Learn everything about the new Visa in Italy for Digital Nomads.

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What is the Italy Digital Nomad Visa?

If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker seeking your next base, Italy is worth considering. The country recently launched its digital nomad visa. According to the Italian government, digital nomads are individuals from non-EU countries who carry out highly qualified work activities through the use of technological tools that allow them to work remotely, either autonomously or for a company (even if the company is not an Italian company).

To qualify for Italy’s new digital nomad visa, you will need to meet these requirements:

  • Be a freelancer or work for a company, who will work remotely through the use of the technological tools and fall under the definition of a high qualified professional*. You will need to prove the employment relationship trough a work contract or a binding job offer and you will need to have at least 6 months of previous experience in the work activity you will perform in Italy.
  • An annual minimum income of at least €25,500 annually (approx $ 27,210 or £ 21,800). If you plan on applying as a Remote Worker, your salary should respect the minimum salary established to the category by Italian Law – which might be higher than € 25,500.
  • Hold a valid health insurance for medical treatment and hospitalisation and proof of accommodations in Italy, both need to respect the duration of the Visa (365 days). 
  • Either be from a country who has a bilateral agreement in terms of Social Security with Italy, or abide to Italian Social Security rules and systems otherwise – that might be requested from your Company if you’re applying as a Remote Worker.
  • Evidence of no criminal records. Consulates might as well request proof of no criminal records to comply with the general immigration Law in Italy. Nonetheless it will be mandatory for Italian Employers to present proof of no Criminal Records (even non-definitive rulings) related to immigration and illegal-labour exploitation.

The Visa will be valid for one year and the holder of the Residence Permit will be allowed to renew it in Italy for the same period, whether the conditions are met. Your spouse and/or children under 18 years old will be able to apply for a Family Visa in the Consulate or for a Family Reunion procedure in Italy when allowed.

If the applicant is applying for a Visa lasting less than 90 days, they might be asked to submit round trip flight tickets; If the request is for a Visa with more than 90 days, they might be required to submit one-way flight tickets to Italy

*High qualified professionals in Italy are those who possess any of the following: 

  • a tertiary-level higher education degree, attesting to the completion of a higher education course lasting at least three years or a post-secondary level professional qualification lasting at least three years or corresponding to at least level 6 of the National Qualifications Framework;
  • the requirements provided for by Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 November 2007, limited to the exercise of regulated professions;
  • a higher professional qualification attested by at least five years of professional experience comparable to tertiary-level higher education qualifications relevant to the profession or sector specified in the employment contract or binding job offer;
  • a higher professional qualification attested by at least three years of relevant professional experience acquired in the seven years prior to the submission of the application.
  1. Gather all the documents and meet all the requirements
  2. Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in the Italian Consulate with jurisdiction to your place of legal residence. Contrary to what was released by the Italian Government, Consulates are requesting an in-person application rather than an online submission for the Digital Nomad Visa. Check here to find the nearest consulate to you. Be aware that usually the schedule will be busy and they can book appointments after 2 to 4 months to get the Digital Nomad Visa in Italy. Please note that you cannot apply from Italy unless some exemptions.
  3. Get the Visa. You can expect to receive the visa within 30 to 90 days. In some cases, it may be even quicker than 30 days but it is not common. Please note that during the visa application, the applicants passports must be left with the Consulate. The Digital Nomad Visa in Italy will have an issue date, a starting date and an expiration date. The starting date will be similar to your departure date, and the expiration date of an Italian Digital Nomad Visa is 365 days after. 
  4. Visa Application Fee: You will have to pay the visa application fee for the Italian Digital Nomad Visa, which is €116 EUR per person. 
  5. Apply for a residence permit (permesso di Soggiorno) within eight days from the day you arrive to Italy: Upon arrival in Italy, applicants have eight days to apply for a residence permit at the police headquarters in their province of residence. Successful applicants can also seek residence permits for their family members.
  6. Opening a VAT position in Italy will be required for freelancers, and the registration with the Social Security will be mandatory in case your home country does not have a bilateral agreement with Italy. The compliance with the Fiscal and Social Security in Italy will be a condition to keep and renewal the Residence Permit.

You will have different costs associated to get the visa. 

  • Visa Application Fee: €116 (aprox $123) per person.
  • Renewal of passport and photos (if needed): To apply for the visa, you will need an up-to-date passport and photos. If you need to renew it, it can cost you around 50€ ($55) depending on your country. 
  • Health Insurance Coverage: One of the requisits to get the Digital Nomad Visa in Italy is to get a medical insurance, that will cost you around 350 to 700€ ($370 to $745) up to 2,000€ ($2130) per year, depending on the coverages you get.
  • Immigration lawyer fee (optional): If you prefer to have an expert immigration lawyer by your side and helping you with all the necessary steps and documentation needed, it will have a a fee associated to it. At Lexidy, we can help you with your Visa application, feel free to contact us to evaluate your case and get an initial quote.

Yes. The Digital Nomads will have to pay taxes in Italy and to invoice (if freelancers) from their Italian VAT position. They will be liable for their global income and assets, unless a specific tax treaty between Italy and their home country applies.

While Italy is often associated with a high-tax system, there are currently several tax programs available that can significantly reduce an individual’s tax burden.

In recent years, Italy has introduced various tax incentives for new residents. Additionally, there are tax options tailored for small business owners and freelancers, whether they are newly arrived in Italy or have been residing there for some time.

Utilizing tax incentives, bilateral tax treaties between Italy and your home country, as well as estate and tax planning strategies, can offer substantial reductions not only in Italian taxes but also in your overall global tax liabilities.

Depending on your situation you can expect to pay more or less taxes. Contact us if you wish to understand your Tax liability in Italy, Lexidy can provide tailored Tax advice, or even give you a glance at what you should expect considering your overall situation.

Getting the Digital Nomad Visa for Italy alone can be complicated and overwhelming. If you need help of expert lawyers or simply want someone that can help you on each step, at Lexidy we can help you with that. Contact us now to understand more about your case and our Immigration team will be able to help you with everything you need!

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How can Lexidy help me with the Digital Nomad Visa for Italy?

A lawyer can be a valuable resource when it comes to obtaining a digital nomad visa for Italy. Here are some ways in which a lawyer can assist you with obtaining your Digital Nomad Visa for Italy and support you through the process:

Legal advice: Our lawyers can provide you with legal advice on the eligibility criteria for the Nomad Visa, the required documents and the application process. They can also advise you on any changes to the immigration laws that may impact your application.

Assistance with documentation: Our lawyers can help you gather the necessary documents for your visa application, including proof of financial means, proof of health insurance, a valid passport, and a criminal record certificate. They can also help you translate and authenticate your documents, if needed.

Application review: At Lexidy, we can review your visa application to ensure that it is complete, accurate and meets all the requirements. We can also assist you with correcting any errors or omissions in the application.

Appeals and challenges: In the event that your visa application is denied, we can assist you with filing an appeal or challenge with the relevant authorities. They can also represent you in administrative or legal proceedings related to your visa application.

If you are considering applying for an Italian Nomad Visa and would like to explore your options, our team of experienced immigration lawyers can provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the visa application process successfully.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards your dream of living in Italy.

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Quality Life for You and Your Family

Live La Dolce Vita

Italy is a country that is rich in culture, history, and stunning landscapes. Obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the Italian way of life, experience world-renowned cuisine, learn a new language, and explore the rest of Europe with fewer restrictions. 

Additionally, Italy offers affordable living, high-quality healthcare, and education opportunities. Whether you are looking for a new adventure, retirement destination, or business opportunities, Italy has something to offer. So why not take the first step in living la dolce vita by obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa for Italy?

Cultural immersion

Experience the rich Italian culture.

Travel flexibility

Explore Europe with fewer restrictions.

Beautiful landscapes

Enjoy stunning scenery across the country.

Delicious cuisine

Taste world-renowned Italian food and wine.

Affordable living

Cost of living is lower compared to other European countries.

Healthcare access

Access to high-quality healthcare facilities and services.

Education opportunities

Enroll in Italian universities or language schools.

Retirement destination

Italy is a popular retirement destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend allocating a minimum of 4-5 months for the entire process, which includes the legally mandated 3-month period for the consulate to notify you of the approval status of your visa application.

Can my family come with me? Yes, but only your spouse and minor children (-18) will be allowed to request a Family Visa. In some cases a Family Residence Permit could be released to them directly in Italy.

Yes, in order to maintain the residence permit for the Digital Nomad you can not leave Italy for more than half of the duration of your residence permit.

No, you shall apply for the Visa at the Italian Consulate with jurisdiction over your place of legal residence. You can find your nearest Italian Consulate here, so there’s no need to go to Italy before your Visa approval.

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