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Get an IElective Residence in Italy

Apply for Italy’s elective residence visa as a non-EU national. Get the right immigration advice to live in Italy without working or being employed.

How can a lawyer help with the Italian Investment Visa?

Our office of Immigration experts is able to help with all documentation. They can also advise on the appropriate residence permit for your case, depending on what you need. 


Our team of experienced legal professionals will review all your documentation and advise you on the appropriate residence permit in accordance to your situation. We can arrange for translated documents, certification services, or even help with an interview if necessary. Our support offered is English, French, Greek, Spanish or Italian.


Our lawyers assist you with the preparation process for an interview in your home country or country of residence. They help schedule meetings and submit paperwork to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of submission h the preparation process for an interview in your home country or country of residence. They help schedule meetings and submit paperwork to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of submission.


Our immigration lawyers also keep track of your application, and they will collect your residence permit once it is ready. They will also provide legal information on how to bring your family members with you when entering Italy with an Elective Residence Visa.

¨We will be with you each step of the journey.¨


What is the Elective Residence Visa?

This visa is the called the national type “D” visa and is for foreigners and expats who wish to reside in Italy without working. It’s aimed at retirees as the permit is a residence permit and not a work permit.


It’s Italy’s version of a “Wealth Visa” and is available to applicants who can show that they can financially support their lifestyle while living in the country.


It allows the main applicant’s spouse and their dependent children to join them on a family visa. The main requirement is that they too have enough wealth to support their lifestyle.


Aside from being able to travel in Italy, the holder can travel in Europe without any hassle in the Schengen area. So you can now enjoy your time exploring European cities like Paris, Barcelona or Lisbon. 


Unlike other visa applications in Italy, there’s no need to make an investment in the country.

How to obtain an Elective Residence Visa?

The applicant can apply for this visa from their home country as well as from within Italy. The application must be submitted to the Consulate or Embassy.


The main requirement for the visa is that the holder can show evidence that they can support their lifestyle in Italy. It’s important to work with a qualified Immigration Lawyer because each Consulate has different requirements for assessing an applicant’s financial position. 


In our experience, most Consulates require the funds to be deposited into an Italian bank account and we can assist you with opening a personal bank account in Italy. 


Some of the documentation may need to be certified and translated into Italian by a professional. We provide guidance and support here as well as help with choosing healthcare insurance providers in Italy. It’s not mandatory to purchase private health insurance when moving to the country but it’s highly recommended.

Process of getting the Elective Residence Visa?

General Process

    1. Gather the paperwork

    For this step, you need to collect all of the important documents. This includes bank records, criminal record background checks and proof of accommodation, among others. All these documents must be translated into Italian and formally legalized. The translation must be performed by a sworn translator.

    1. Apply at the Italian Embassy or Consulate

    From your home country:

    You can file your application at your local Consulate or Embassy with all the paperwork and request an appointment with the immigration officials. It takes up to 90 days to get an answer and you need to return to the Consulate to collect visa. Once you have the visa, you can enter Italy and the permit is valid for a year

    1.  Move to Italy

    Once the application has been approved, you will be granted a visa that will allow you to travel to Italy. The visa is granted for one year and can be renewed for one further year.

    Shortly after arriving in Italy, you must declare your presence in Italy to the “Questura”, which is a local police station, and request the “Permesso di Soggiorno”. Applying for the “Permesso di Soggiorno” allows foreigners to live in the country for more than 90 days.

    You then need to request permanent residence with the Italian town hall called “Ufficio Anagrafe”. After this, you receive a physical document for the “Permesso di Soggiorno”.

    The Italian Golden Visa holder the right to visa-free travel throughout all of Europe’s Schengen area.

What is Proof of Sufficient Income for Elective Residence Visa?

The Italian government asks applicants to supply evidence that they can support their lifestyle. Most Consulates ask for a bank certificate. It must show the account bank and must have a date close to when the application was filed.

The applicant will need:

  • Passive income of at least €31,000 annually for the main applicant

  • Six months of bank statements

  • The funds must be held by the name of the main visa applicant


The Italian government also accepts tax declarations and other legal documents as proof.

The funds don’t need to be in a local bank. However, every person in Italy should have a local bank account when moving to the country. 


What Documents do I need:


Most Elective Reisdence visa applicants require the following documentation to obtain residence in Italy:

  • Proof of accommodation in Italy
  • Private healthcare insurance from a provider that servces Italy. This isn’t mandatory but is recommended.
  • Bank certificate showing proof of sufficient funds
  • A motivation letter stating the reasons why you want to move to Italy. This isn’t the case for all Consulates.
  • A clean criminal record
  • A passport


What’s the timeline of obtaining Elective Residence Visa?

The timeline differs depending your country of residence but generally follows the below.


Applying From your country residence:


  • Understand what’s needed: one day
  • Collect and prepare the documents: one to two weeks
  • File the request: one day
  • Decision for the request: 90 days
  • If approved, download and file the “Nulla Osta”: one day
  • Schedule Consulate Visa Appointment: 25 to 45 days
  • Receive Visa to enter Italy, which is valid for one year


Obtaining Reidence Permit in Italy:


  • Declare your presence to the local Italian Police, or Questura: Within eight days of arriving.
  • Request the “Permesso di Soggiorno”: Within eight days of arriving.
  • File the “Permesso di Soggiorno” with the Italian Town Hall, or “Ufficio Anagrafe”: One day
  • Issued with a physical “Permesso di Soggiorno” card.


We are a department formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of immigration law. We work on these residency permit requests every day. It’s our passion. 

For us, Lexidy is a way of life and what excites us the most is to be able to deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful immigration process. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams, whether it’s residence in Spain or simply an investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as you provide proof that your family members are economically dependent on you and that you possess sufficient means of maintaining your family members in Italy with you for the entire duration of the Visa.

No, the Elective Residence Visa does not allow the applicant to work in Italy. Although, once the applicant is in possession of his “permesso di soggiorno”, he can convert it to a subordinate work permit, whether the requirements for the last ones subsist.

Yes, in order to maintain the residence permit for Elective Residence you must register your residence before the Ufficio Anagrafe of your city town hall, and you can not leave Italy for more than six months at a time.

Italy does not consider any proof of income coming from freelance or self-employed work. The applicant must prove to own substantial and stable private income originating from pensions, annuities, income from properties or investments funds, and income from stable economic and commercial activities.

No, Italy does not have a Visa program for those who buy Real Estate in the territory. The applicant has a registered lease contract or a registered deed to apply for the visa though.

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