We are international Family Law experts in the subjection to Stable Couples in Spain

If you do not wish to get married, another option that offers not all but many of the advantages is to get registered as a stable couple.

This status for example also allows you to get a Residence Permit for Family Members of EU Citizens for a non-EU partner who lives with an EU citizen.


If you have been living together uninterruptedly for more than 2 years, or the relationship has been formalised through a notary, or there is a common child, then the law recognises your situation as one of a Stable couple in pain

Although for many legal purposes it is quite similar to marriage, it is a slightly less strong type of union.

The process depends on the autonomous community you reside in. Let us know, and we will instruct you on your case.


In case you wish to dissolve the stable couple, you have to go to the notary's office and agree to execute a deed of dissolution of the stable couple, if you both agree to end your relationship.

If there is no mutual agreement, the dissolution can also be carried out by going to the notary's office alone, although the other partner must be notified of the decision.

Keep in mind that the regulation of the stable couple is different in each autonomous community, not existing regulation at state level, so the notary will have to explain the consequences of the extinction in each concrete case.

Our lawyers would be pleased to guide you through the whole procedure and to accompany you to the notary public, if possible.


1. The Notary
If you are taking the short way to becoming a stable couple in Spain then you will need a notary to sign the deed establishing you and your partner as a stable couple. Generally, this is easy but in some parts of Spain like Catalonia the notaries can be a little harsh when it comes to requirements – since most of them ask that one of the couple is Catalan or that you have lived in Catalonia for 10 years. Technically this isn’t required but, don’t worry, not all of them do that. However, you may have to try with some notaries until you find one that applies the laws as they should. We can save you this time and obtain an appointment for you with our trusted notary.
2. Documentation
Once you get the deed from the notary you have to get all the documentation that the administration asks for, so that you can apply to get the Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens. The most common problem, at this stage, is that most of the time no one manages to get all the documentation required – and people leave some things out which will cause problems later. It would be our pleasure to make sure that this does not happen to you and that you are fully prepared.
3.Get an Appointment at the Immigration Office
Most people don’t know that you have to get an appointment and they waste time trying to get an appointment in the wrong places. Some people do know that they need an appointment but don’t know how to get it and they try to get it at the police station (which is also wrong). To get an appointment, you have to book it online and most of the time there are no dates available and people get frustrated so they go to the station to complain with no luck whatsoever. We use our contacts to obtain appointments for our clients, in order to avoid them having to go through this trouble.
4. Paying Fees
A very common problem is that people don’t know that they have to pay fees when going to the appointment or, if they do know, they end up paying the wrong fee (there are a lot of different fees). We prepare the correct forms for our clients and give them clear instructions on how to make the payments – or we just make the payments for them.
5.Getting all the Documentation Right for a Stable Couple in Spain
Spanish bureaucracy can be harsh so this point is critical: if you don’t get all the documentation right then this will make the whole process more tedious. It is recommended to triple check all the documentation for your stable couple in Spain. The most common mistake is to take the notary’s deed instead of the certificate of inscription of the deed in the stable couple’s registry, which usually takes 2-3 months to be ready after the notary sends it to the registry. In case of not getting all the documentation right, you would have to wait until you have it all, get another appointment (which can take weeks), or when you have all the documentation you can just send it electronically with the help of a lawyer. We make sure that you have everything you need to present – or we can take care of a later presentation, if necessary.
6. Wait for The Decision to be Favourable
Once you submit everything to the immigration office, you have to wait for them to review it and decide whether they grant the permit or not. The time to review it can vary depending on the load of work the officials have at that moment. As part of our services, we make daily status checks on our clients’ applications to keep you informed and make sure things are processed as quickly as possible.
7. Make an Appointment at The Police Station
Yes, again, another appointment. This time you have to get your fingerprints taken and to do this you need another appointment and pay the correct fee. Getting this appointment takes around 3-4 weeks. At this appointment you apply for the Foreigner Identity Card. Again, we make sure that you have the forms ready, as well as the documents required, and get you an appointment.
8. Getting the Residence Card
The final step is to get your new Residence Card. In the police station they will give you all the information you need to know about when it’s going to be ready for pick up. Usually, this takes up to a month and the problem some people have is that they forget to take their passport and the favourable status on the request (without this the Police won’t give you your Card) so most people lose time coming and going.

If you take these 8 things into consideration you can save a lot of time and headaches.



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