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The NIE (“Número de identidad de extranjero” or Foreigner Identification Number ) is the foreigner identification number that the Spanish national police issues to register foreign citizens. Both Non-EU and EU citizens have to obtain NIE upon arrival for every legal action.

What is an NIE number?

​The NIE is the so-called foreigner identity number. In general, every foreigner who wishes has to have an NIE number to purchase property in Spain, open a bank account, establish a business, sign a lease agreement, and operate with a wide range of legal actions.

The NIE only refers to the number itself. If you obtain a residence card or your EU Certificate in Spain, it will be on the document. Read our frequently asked questions, we could have answered your question already.

How to apply for an NIE number in Spain?

  1. The application process for NIE is relatively easy. To obtain NIE each foreigner in Spain has to fill up the NIE application form (EX-15). The form is available online. Important to fill it up in Spanish as the English version will be rejected.
  2. For applying you must schedule an appointment before visiting any physical offices. In Spain, it must be any police station in the region of residence or Spanish Consulate if you are abroad. Usually, the waiting period can last from 1 up to 3 weeks depending on the region.

How does it look like?

NIE Number in Spain


Our immigration lawyer will obtain a Spanish foreign ID number for you without your presence just a few days later once received the power of attorney. Also, our immigration office provides guidelines through the process of obtaining it at the Consulate or Embassy in your home country or in Spain.

If the reason for the application for the NIE is the purchase of a property, the signature of a lease agreement, the opening of a bank account, or the establishment of a company, our team of lawyers at Lexidy will be pleased to assist you with any of these plans.

Get a NIE in less than 10 days

  1. Drafting of the Power of Attorney (1 day)
  2. Signing the Power of Attorney in front of a notary public (1 day)
  3. Apostille the Power of Attorney if signed abroad (2 days – 2 weeks depending on the country)
  4. Posting the Power of Attorney to our offices (1 day – 1 week)
  5. Application and obtaining your NIE ( 1 – 3 days)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a Spanish foreigner identity number last and should I renew it?

Once you are granted the NIE, it does not change and will be yours for life. However, for certain specific procedures, you may be asked for a residence permit or a non-resident NIE certificate issued within the last 90 days.

2. Does having an NIE number allow me to reside in Spain?

No, the mere fact of having an NIE number does not allow you to reside in Spain. In order to reside in Spain, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

3. Can I work in Spain without identification number?

No, in order to work in Spain you need an NIE number linked to a residence and work permit.

In case you are an EU citizen you can apply for the residence and work permit in the Spanish territory. If you are a non-EU citizen, you need to apply from your home country.

3. What is the difference between NIE and NIF in Spain?

The NIE is the Foreigner’s Identity Number, the NIF is the tax identity number. All NIEs are valid as NIFs but not all NIFs are NIEs.

5. Do you need the number to rent property in Spain?

You can rent a property only with your passport, however, the landlord may require you to have an NIE. Despite, it is not legally required. However, NIE is important to purchase a property. 

6. Is a foreigner identity number important to buy a property in Spain?

NIE is especially important during the property-purchase process. Since purchase agreement requires legal confirmation of your residing in Spain and paying taxes, NIE is essential.


“I used Lexidy Law for my EU Registry Certificate and NIE number. Also for my registration with the Town Hall. My contact at the firm was Laura Fuste. Very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional.

Helped me navigate with having a staff member present with me at the various appointments which were extremely helpful to me as I am a beginner student of the Spanish language. Highly recommend.”

Vincent Crudden Google Reviews

“I asked this law firm for advice on my NIE immigration renewal process and they were amazing! Extremely helpful answering all my questions, reviewing application documents and explaining the process. 5 stars all the way, I will use them again next time.”

“I had a fantastic experience dealing with David, he helped us navigate the messy process beginning to end! Prior to settling on Lexidy, we had reached out to a number of other law firms to help us obtain our NIE/TIE during the messy pre-Brexit-mid-covid19 time. We found that unlike virtually all other law firms, Lexidy Law Boutique was highly efficient, very quick to respond and above all else helped us obtain our paperwork quickly and pain-free. 

I contacted Lexidy Barcelona after making the decision to buy some property in Spain. Reading Lexidy’s proposition, including the Google reviews, made me contacting them. At that moment it became clear that they exactly knew what real estate, in the broadest sense, is all about. Besides they made the deal possible during Covid, they also helped me and my American partner getting an NIE, an empadronamiento and helped me out familiarizing myself with the Spanish tax system.

Paul Bonnike Google Reviews

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