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What is the Mexican Digital Nomad Visa?

The Mexico Digital Nomad Visa is intended for individuals seeking a residency period in Mexico lasting over 180 days but less than four years, with the option of obtaining a Permanent Residency after four years. It caters to various purposes like remote work, family reunification, or retirement.

Technically, Mexico’s digital nomad visa is known as a “temporary residence visa for non-remunerated activities”, and many remote workers are eligible.

For the sake of clarity, the term “temporary residence visa or non-remunerated activities” will be utilized interchangeably with “digital nomad visa” in this article to prevent any confusion.

The digital nomad visa for Mexico welcomes individuals from any global nationality. Nonetheless, this income criteria must be satisfied:

    1. Earning a monthly income of $4,300 for the last six months and a letter from the current employer authorizing remote work (if accompanied by dependents, this requirement rises by $1,500 for each dependent).
If you do not meet this requirement, you have also the option to apply if you meet any of these requirements:
    1. A bank balance of $73,000 maintained over the past twelve months, or:
    2. Ownership of a Mexican property valued at a minimum of $500,000.
Please note that these amounts can vary depending on your consulate. 

Here are the steps to apply for a Mexico digital nomad visa:

    1. Schedule Visa Appointment: Request a visa appointment at a Mexican embassy or consulate in your country. Use the embassy’s online booking system on their website to schedule an appointment, keeping in mind that it may take a few weeks, depending on location and the time of the year.

    2. Gather the Required Documents: Collect the necessary documents listed in the section above. Ensure your documents are in Spanish, and it’s recommended to bring both originals and copies.

    3. Complete Application: Fill in the application form, which can be found on the embassy’s website. The form must be completed in English or Spanish, printed double-sided, and on one page only.

    4. Attend the Visa Appointment: Double-check all your documents before the appointment. Pay a fee of $52 USD (preferably in cash) during the appointment or before entering. You may receive the visa during the appointment or be required to wait for up to ten business days.

    5. Travel to Mexico: Once the previous steps are completed, you can travel to Mexico. You have six months to enter the country and register for temporary residence.

    6. Visit the National Migration Institute: Within 30 days, go to the National Migration Institute to obtain the  temporary residence permit.  Depending on the Immigration office branch, a a previous appointment may be required. Additionally, a government fee needs to be paid during the submission of your application for $310 USD with a Credit or Debit Card (Visa & MasterCard Only)

    7. Approval & Issuance of the ID Card: After the submission, the authorities would determine if they approve the application on the same day, in which case biometric information will be collected and the issuance of the final ID Card.  If additional information is required, it may take up to 20 business days to approve and complete the biometric information. 

The documents required to apply for a Mexico digital nomad visa are:

  1. A valid passport. Your passport needs to be valid for at least the next six months when you apply.
  2. A completed visa application. The visa application is in English or Spanish, printed double-sided and on one single page. You can find the application form on the Embassy’s website.
  3. A recent photo. You must submit a recent passport-size picture, with these dimensions: 3.9 cm X 3.1cm
  4. Proof of income. You must prove you have a monthly income of about $4,300.
  5. Proof of relationship to dependents. If you have dependents, you have to submit proof of relationships, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate.
  6. Payment of fees. You must provide proof you paid the necessary fees, such as the visa receipts.

Note: The Mexican embassy may ask you to provide additional documents, depending on your unique situation.

To initiate the process, you are required to pay the interview fee of $53 at the Mexico Consulate to acquire the visa, payable at the time of visa issuance.

Following this, to obtain the Mexico digital nomad visa, you must pay a fee of $310 to the National Migration Institute.

Additionally, if you opt to engage an immigration lawyer to assist with the Digital Nomad Visa process for Mexico, there will be an additional optional fee. At Lexidy, we are committed to helping foreign clients live and work remotely from anywhere in Mexico. Contact our lawyers now to get a free consultation of your case.

Working as a digital nomad in Mexico offers numerous advantages:

    1. Internet Connectivity: A crucial aspect for remote work, Mexico boasts reliable wifi providers, with Telmex being among the best. The average internet speed is around 80 Mbps.

    2. Simplified Tax System: Mexico’s tax system is straightforward, ranging from 0% to 30%, depending on individual circumstances, job type, and income levels.

    3. Flexible Visa Options: Mexico caters to digital nomads with various visa choices, including the six-month tourist visa, the temporary residence visa (extendable up to four years), and the permanent residence visa, allowing unlimited stay.

    4. Pleasant Climate: With an average temperature of 24℃, Mexico provides a year-round inviting climate, enabling a relaxed lifestyle under constant sunny skies.

    5. Affordable Living Costs: Mexico offers a generally low cost of living, adaptable to various lifestyles, making it an attractive option for those seeking budget-friendly living.

    6. Reasonable Accommodation Prices: Rental costs vary by location but are generally affordable. A one-bedroom apartment in Mexico City may cost around $500 per month, with rents ranging from $350 to $700.

    7. Rich Cultural Heritage: Mexico’s rich cultural tapestry, influenced by Mayan ruins, Spanish architecture, and diverse historical elements, provides constant opportunities for learning and exploration.

    8. Warm and Welcoming People: Renowned for their warmth, Mexicans readily offer help and create a welcoming atmosphere, making newcomers feel at home.

    9. Culinary Delights: Mexican cuisine, a fusion of Aztec, Mayan, Spanish, Dutch, and Caribbean influences, offers a diverse and delicious array of flavors beyond the typical fare found in local restaurants.

    10. Efficient Transportation: Mexico features a well-developed network of intercity roads, with ongoing construction to connect previously isolated areas. Affordable options like small micros, costing 5 or 6 pesos ($0.24 or $0.29), are commonly used for travel between major cities.

In conclusion, the digital nomad visa in Mexico opens doors to a dynamic work-life experience in a country known for its captivating culture and breathtaking landscapes, but sometimes is difficult to do everything on your own. If you’re eager to embrace the freedom of remote work, and need someone to be at your side on each step of the process, our team is ready to assist you.

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To request a free consultation case, please provide us with your contact details below and we will contact you via email or phone.

How can a lawyer help me with the Mexican Nomad Visa?

A lawyer can help you with the Mexican nomad visa by providing legal advice and guidance throughout the application process. Some ways a lawyer can assist include:

  1. Understanding the eligibility requirements: A lawyer can help you understand the eligibility requirements for the Mexican nomad visa, including the criteria you need to meet and the documents you need to submit.

  2. Preparing your application: A lawyer can assist you in preparing your application for the Mexican nomad visa, ensuring that all the required documents are included and that your application is complete.

  3. Addressing potential issues: If there are any potential issues with your application, such as gaps in your employment history or criminal convictions, a lawyer can help you address these issues and present your case in the best possible light.

  4. Representing you in appeals: If your application is denied, a lawyer can represent you in any appeals process and help you to overcome the reasons for denial.

  5. Providing ongoing support: A lawyer can provide ongoing support throughout the application process, answering any questions you may have and keeping you updated on the status of your application.

If you are interested in obtaining a Mexico Digital Nomad Visa, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team of experienced lawyers is ready to assist you and guide you through the entire application process. Let us help you make your dream of living and working in Mexico a reality. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and get started!

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Why Mexico?

Obtaining a digital nomad visa in Mexico offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides legal permission to live and work in one of the most captivating countries, with its vibrant cities, stunning coastline, and rich cultural heritage. Secondly, the visa enables access to Mexico’s thriving digital and tech ecosystem, fostering networking opportunities and professional growth. Lastly, the visa allows digital nomads to immerse themselves in the warmth of Portuguese hospitality, savor its delectable cuisine, and explore its diverse regions while maintaining a flexible work-life balance.

Cultural immersion

Experience the rich Mexican culture.


Explore Europe without visa restrictions.

Stable economy

Mexico has a stable and growing economy

Delicious cuisine

Taste world-renowned Mexican food and wine.

Affordable living

Cost of living is lower compared to other countries.

Healthcare access

Access to high-quality healthcare facilities and services.

Skilled workforce

Mexico has a highly skilled and multilingual workforce

Travel Opportunities

Explore diverse regions within Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration for processing a digital nomad visa in Mexico varies based on document verification and the outcome of the interview during the visa appointment. The visa may be granted on the same day, or there might be a waiting period of several weeks. Subsequently, upon arrival in Mexico, the timeline for obtaining the temporary residence card is subject to the National Migration Institute and may extend up to two months.

The tax structure is straightforward for residents in Mexico, with rates ranging from 0% to 30%, contingent on individual circumstances and income levels. Taxes are applicable to all purchases but are typically pre-taxed.

Moreover, if more than 51% of your income is earned outside Mexico, you are exempt from paying taxes to avoid double taxation. On the other hand, if 50% of your income is derived within Mexico, consulting a tax accountant becomes necessary to ascertain your tax bracket and explore available options.

yes, with this kind of residence permit, you will be allowed to work in Mexico for a Mexican Company

The validity of the Mexico digital nomad visa is six months to 4 years. After the validity has passed, you can apply for a permanent residence visa if you want to stay longer.

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