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Bankruptcy exception during pandemic

If you run a company that is inactive but has not been liquidated or has been in a compromised situation since before the pandemic, bear in mind that you still have, among other things, tax obligations. It is true that there is an extension in Spain of the moratorium on filing for insolvency proceedings and that until 31 December 2021 it is not obligatory (until April 2022 even if we count with the pre-insolvency proceedings). However, this extension does not exonerate company administrators from personal liability. If you do not take care to file for insolvency proceedings at the right time - regardless of the extension of the insolvency moratorium - you may incur personal liability. We can provide you with legal support and we will analyse the financial situation and file for insolvency proceedings for your company.

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Whether you need to file for bankruptcy to give your company a fresh start, stop foreclosure, or defend your interests as a creditor, Lexidy’s English-speaking lawyers have the knowledge to guide you through the intricacies of Spanish bankruptcy law.

Legal counsel and assistance to company restructuring

Legal counsel and assistance to debtors:
- Assistance with: reconstruction, re-financing and restructuring advice.

- Representation of debtors in Court for insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

- Negotiation and settlement of debts and deferred payment.

- Advising directors on how to protect them against liabilities and contingencies that might arise in insolvent and bankrupt companies.

Legal counsel and assistance to liquidations and insolvencies

- Representation of creditors in national and international insolvency.

- Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

- Assistance to creditors collecting insolvent and bankrupt companies’ debts.

- Liability of administrators for possible corporate debts to protect creditors’ economic interests.