The reopening of the Foreigners’ Immigration Offices is planned for 25 May, although capacity will be limited and an appointment must be made in advance.


Coinciding with the start of Phase 2 of the de-escalation of the confinement measures in Spain, the Immigration Offices will begin to open their facilities and will thus be able to serve the public on 25 May 2020.

The opening of the Immigration Offices in Spain will be limited and will always follow strict health and safety measures. Therefore, the public attention capacity will not be as we have known it before the state of alarm came into force.

A safe distance will have to be respected in order to avoid crowding in the waiting rooms and it will be necessary to make an appointment in advance.

On the other hand, the offices will only have the most essential staff. However, working hours will be extended to be able to attend to a greater number of people.


Once we are closer to May 25, which is the day when the Immigration Offices are expected to reopen, it will be possible to arrange an appointment.

The Immigration Offices will extend their opening hours until 9pm. This way, it will be possible to limit the access of people to the facilities and thus attend to a greater number of people throughout each day.


Since the beginning of the state of alarm, many appointments have been cancelled due to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus.

Due to the impossibility of going to the Immigration Office itself, during all these weeks the application of both initial and renewal authorisations could be presented online.

Once the public attention has been resumed, it may be that the Immigration Office will summon all the people whose appointments were cancelled due to the state of alarm. Therefore, if you had an appointment between 16 March and 25 May and it has been cancelled, you should keep a close eye on your email and telephone, as the Immigration Office may assign you a new appointment.

How can Lexidy help me?

At Lexidy we can clarify any doubt you may have regarding the scenario that has been created by the Coronavirus crisis and the state of alarm. Also, we can assist you in scheduling an appointment with the Immigration Offices. Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you. We are eager to help you get established and enjoy your residence in Spain.