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Being a foreigner in Portugal and keeping your taxes in order is not always easy to do. Whether you reside in Portugal or you live elsewhere but have legal needs in connection to Portugal, we are the trusted and experienced partners that can help you avoid the hard work and assist you.

Taxation is an exciting and wonderful world. Many people from all around the globe come to Portugal and we get to make them feel relaxed with such an important issue as taxes. I love my job, which is to make sure that every client who has any interest in Portugal is confident that he is compliant with every tax rule.

by Joana Mello


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IRS STATEMENTSWhether or not you are a tax resident, you may be required to prepare and file a Personal Income Tax Return, including your overall income or only income earned in Portugal or Spain, depending on the tax status that applies to you.
NON HABITUAL TAX RESIDENCYIf you are contemplating going to Portugal you may benefit from the Non-Habitual Resident Regime, created to attract foreigners who perform high added value activities or obtain income abroad. Once granted it is valid for ten years. Under this special regime, income obtained in Portugal is taxed at a fixed rate of 20% and income from dividends, interest and capital gains from abroad will not be subject to taxation in Portugal, if provided for in a treaty to avoid double taxation between the country of origin and Portugal.
TALK TO A TAX EXPERTIf you are a foreigner living in Portugal, or in need of any kind of tax assistance here, we can help you!. Get in touch with our tax experts and we will help you find a way to satisfy your personal or professional legal needs.
TAX OPINIONWhen starting a business, there are many tax issues that come to mind. Do I have to register with the tax authorities? Do I have any benefits as a self-employed person? Do I have to charge VAT on intra-EU services? Can I import goods from abroad? How many and which tax returns do I have to file?
TAX SIMULATIONYou are considering moving to Portugal or Spain, but would like to know the tax burden you will be subject to in the future. Or maybe you are already in Portugal or Spain, but you need to know what the tax implications of a particular event will be on your personal or professional life.


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Joana Mello

Head of Tax Department

Gabriel Barreto

Tax Advisor

Gabriel understands that the mission of advocacy is to help people realize their projects. His focus is to help his clients to establish themselves in Portugal, since it is a promising destination for business and it enjoys an excellent quality of life. Gabriel has a law degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, and currently is a Master's Degree candidate of Corporate Sciences at the University of Lisbon. He has experience in studies and projects in the areas of entrepreneurship and corporate, real estate and immigration law. You can contact him at

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