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Under the “General Visa” you can live in Portugal by showing you have sufficient financial means to maintain yourself and your family.

Under the Passive Income Visa you can live in Portugal by showing sufficient financial means to maintain yourself and your family.

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What is a Passive Income Residence Visa In Portugal ?

The Passive Income Residence Visa, also known administratively as a D7 visa, is a type of visa that allows non-EU citizens who are economically self-sufficient. Along with the main applicant, a spouse or children may be added.

The D7 visa is initially issued for four months. It allows the applicant to establish in Portugal during that time and apply for a Residence Permit, which will be valid for two years and is renewable for another three years period. After completing the five years residence time, the resident will be able to request either Portuguese Citizenship or permanent residence.

It is initially issued for 2 years and you can renew it for 3-year periods. Along with the main applicant, a spouse or children may be added.

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At Lexidy we have a strong team of immigration lawyer that may guarantee a positive experience with our work. We work from the beginning and after completion of our application process to secure comfort and hassle-free movement to Portugal.

The experience of our lawyers can speed up the issuance of your visa, once we avoid unnecessary setbacks in the process. Our lawyers know the requirements of each Portuguese Consulate and Immigration Office in Portugal. They can also contact the Immigration Offices in Portugal to ask about the specific requirements.

If geographically possible, we can accompany you to different appointments and help you with the communication to avoid any misunderstanding that may occur during the application.

How to obtain Passive Income Visa In Portugal?

The application must be made in person at the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy abroad assigned to the applicant’s place of legal residence. It CANNOT be made from Portugal.

Once the application to the consulate has been made, you should receive a favourable decision together with the visa, usually within 3 months but usually sooner.

Please take into account the time for preparing the paperwork where you show that you have enough funds to live in Portugal. Each Consulate might have different requirements regarding the demonstration of fund’s availability. In our experience, most of the Consulates require the funds to be deposited in a financial institution in Portugal. We can assist you to open a personal bank account for you in Portugal remotely.

Also, it’s needed to hire a private health insurance policy with coverage in Portugal which we can assist you in obtaining. Some documents may be needed to be translated into Portugal by a juror translator and being apostilled or legalized in your home country.

Process of renewing the Passive Income Visa

To renew your passive income residence permit, all you have to prove is that you have sufficient financial means and that you have not been absent from Portugal for more than 180 days straight or eight months combined during the validity of the permit, although exceptions might apply.

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