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Why Portugal is the best place for Digital Nomads?

Portugal is a great destiny for the ones who love nature, great food, peace and fun. Remote workers from different parts of the world are moving to Portugal and enjoy the experience to live in a very diverse country. In addition to that, you can register as a non-habitual resident and enjoy tax benefits that the government offers for the ones who choose to be a fiscal resident in Portugal.

How to relocate to Portugal?

The Passive Income Visa, the Business Visa and the Independent Professional Visa are the best options for the ones who want to obtain the residency permit and work remotely in Portugal. Depending on the foreign situation, work details, financial incomes, you will be able to choose which type of immigration opportunity suits you best.

How can a lawyer help you?

Our lawyers offer full legal assistance for digital nomads which wish to work as a freelancer or for their companies in Portugal. We provide exclusive support for your relocation: visa, residence permit, taxes, corporate and real estate.


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In case you are a digital nomad and you plan to work and reside in Portugal, it is important to take into account your job circumstances. It helps to understand which residence permit option is the one you have to apply for: the Passive Income Visa, the Business Visa and Independent Professional Visa

Apply for Passive Income VIsa :

If you have any types of passive income such as investments, savings, rental agreements incomes or pensions, you can apply for the passive income visa. The main requirement is to prove that you have means of subsistence that allows you to cover your expenses in Portugal. Once your passive income proof is approved and you obtain the visa, you are able to apply for the residency permit in Portugal. Once in Portugal as a resident, it is possible to work as a freelancer or for a worldwide company. Also, you can register as a non-habitual resident to have the fiscal benefits.

Apply for Business Activity VIsa :

It is possible to establish a company in Portugal as a foreign. For the visa application, you must need to present a business plan as a motivation for the business opening and the register of the company. The Business Visa allows you to apply for the residency permit in Portugal as a manager of your own business. The companies have duties with Social Security and have the obligation to have an accountant. The holder of the residency permit as a business person has the same rights as a Portuguese citizen.

Apply for Independent Professional Visa :

Lexidy can assist you in registering you as an independent professional, before the tax authorities and social security. Additionally to being registered as an independent professional, applicants will need to present a service agreement to apply for the independent professional visa.


A Digital Nomad living in Portugal might have the obligation to pay Portuguese Personal Income Tax. This will happen when any person working remotely or at the office (i) spent more than 183 days physically in Portugal, whether these days are consecutive or not in any 12-month period or (ii) if staying for a shorter period, provided that he has a dwelling in the Portuguese territory leading to the presumption of holding and occupying it as a place of habitual abode. If one of these situations occurs, the individual will be considered as a Portuguese Tax Resident. As such, will have to declare his worldwide income, which will include the income of remote work.

Moreover, and even if the individual is not considered as a Portuguese tax resident, he would be subject to tax on his Portuguese sourced income.

How to avoid being taxed in Portugal?

In order to avoid double taxation, the Digital Nomad must prove that he is a tax resident in another country, according to the rules of the relevant Tax Treaty, providing to the Portuguese Tax Authority a tax residency certificate.

Non-Habitual Tax Resident Regime
Individuals who become tax residents in Portugal may benefit from the NHR Regime. Under this regime, foreign-sourced income may be exempt from Personal Income Tax in Portugal, depending on the type and the source of the income (the tax burden in the source country may also be reduced). Moreover, taxation on Portuguese-sourced income derived from the exercise of high value-added activities may also be reduced. The Regime applies for a maximum 10-year period.


Incorporating a company in Portugal can be a smart strategy for accessing the European Market. With reduced costs compared to other EU countries and a rising technology cluster, Portugal is becoming a hub of innovation on the global market.
A foreigner is free to buy or to open a company in Portugal. Unlike other countries, there is no need for any special authorization and no restrictions on foreign capital. You can incorporate a company without a national partner nor are there any limitations to the distribution of profits or dividends abroad.
The principle that guides the Portuguese regulatory framework is that of non-discrimination of investment on the grounds of nationality or residence. Although, for tax purposes, there should be a valid reason for establishing the company in Portugal.
The foreigner investor should have a Schengen Visa to allow him to visit and direct the Company. Also, the formation of a company could be a path for issuing a business residence visa.


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