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Corporate Assistance

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Why to have business activity in Spain?

Along with the monetary and policy-based incentives to open a startup in the country, Spain also has two massive markets that are primed and proven to achieve success for companies. According to EU Startups, Barcelona is ranked as the fifth largest startup hub in Europe. Madrid is not far behind as the seventh best on the list. These locations are critical bases for startup success, but also, due to the RENACE program, startups are able to enlist workers from other areas of Spain that may be better specialized for the work they need to be done without having to leave the hubs of Barcelona and Madrid.


Our English Speaking Lawyers in Madrid & Barcelona will guide you through the company formation process and advise you about the most suitable legal structure for your business, taking into account details such as the size of the company, the number of shareholders, the purpose of the business, and other issues that will have an impact on taxes.


Our General corporate advice involves advising on the following matters:

– Drafting the Company by-laws.

– Advise on the most efficient and compliant corporate governance structure.

– Assistance at the shareholders and board meetings.

– Drafting of minutes and certificates.

– Advice on the optimisation of distribution of dividends and interest payments abroad.

– Provision of Legal advice on directors duties and liability, share dealings, corporate compliance and company secretarial services.


Autonomo status is the Spanish equivalent of self-employed or freelance and also covers people operating (unincorporated) small businesses. There are no requirements to show any business plans, capital or prove any professional qualifications. Save time and money by registering as an autonomo with our team of English speaking Lawyers in Spain.

Corporate - Spain

Hector Lopez

Head of the Corporate Department

“We know the legal aspects of getting your business project in a foreign country can be anything but an easy, straightforward process, – that’s why we come in! We will be by your side every step of the way, so you can actually focus your time on your new Spanish Business Project.”

We are a group of corporate Spanish Lawyers with an international background and able to speak several languages. We have extensive experience in assisting foreign entities setting up their business in Spain either through starting a new company, acquiring or merging with an existing business in Spain. Once the company is up and running we also provide a variety of corporate governance services to ensure the Company, its Directors and Shareholders are compliant at all times with the Spanish Regulations.

Our Achievements

  • We advised a party during involved in a significant commodities group in South Africa. 
  • We supported  with the acquisition of a Spanish business that owns land involved with a lucrative agricultural business in Andujar, Jaen.
  • We advised UTIME FITNESS SPAIN on the acquisition of a business unit of a Spanish company and focused on obtaining the most efficient tax structure for the deal.
  • We acted on behalf of Ramco India, a publicly listed company in India that specializes in IT and computer data processing. We helped them establishment a Branch of their business in Spain. 

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Bella F.
Bella F.
19:09 11 Jan 23
I'm so over this crowd. Paid a huge deposit 2 YEARS AGO just to be passed from pillar to post. I'm now on lawyer number 5 - all the others left the company - go figure. I'm moving on to a different firm and will be requesting a refund. Don't waste your time and money like I did. I agree with other reviews that the positives are probably sponsored
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich
12:47 17 Aug 22
Lexidy has helped us so much in both the business and immigration side. We continue to use them for all legal needs and recommend them highly.
Ali Delshad
Ali Delshad
11:49 26 Jul 22
First of all, I would like to appreciate all the team members of Lexidy for helping me to get my residency card.I had a great experience especially on the SEF appointment day with their kind and helpful Brazilian expert which made my experience smooth and without stress.When you decide to work with this law company you should notice that you don’t just pay for lawyers but also for the quality, respect and safety.I’m totally happy with the processes and quality of their job.
Foysal Miah
Foysal Miah
20:47 25 Jul 22
It’s been more than two years now, I have known Lexidy and their amazing team. This company peoples are so active and helpful especially Karla. She is very kind and patience. Really appreciate your job and helping us to get a better future.
21:46 29 Jun 22
We contacted Lexidy Law boutique when we recently moved from Cyprus to open a new chapter in our lives to move into a house in Brittany that we had bought 12 years previously. We had underestimated the twists and turns involved in obtaining residency in France - so we contacted Lexidy Law Boutique and were assigned Eleonore, an immigration lawyer well acquainted with French immigration laws. From the very beginning we realised she was determined that we should have a successful outcome and she guided us expertly to avoid all the pitfalls in the process of applying for residency. She even accompanied us to the prefecture and ensured that everything went smoothly - without her presence we might well have not succeeded.We thank and highly recommend Eleonore and Lexidy Law Boutique.
Declan Ryan
Declan Ryan
20:48 01 Jun 22
The Lexidy team is uniquely positioned to provide pan-European business and tax advisory services; what would be complex or impossible for a country-specific advisor is straightforward for Lexidy. They answered in days what would take weeks for other firms.
Rick Kleinhans
Rick Kleinhans
13:03 27 Apr 22
Lexidy has been a lifesaver. The entire team has helped us so much on different matters both personal and corporate. Isabel in correcting an error by a previous accountant that was costing us an extra €1000 every month in social security payments! Jose with various matters and tax advice. Diego in helping us get documents notarized in Valencia even though he is based in Madrid. I cannot recommend them enough!
Aleksandar Vorinski
Aleksandar Vorinski
08:12 25 Apr 22
I recently purchased apartment, got NIE and opened bank account with their help. I m satisfied with their service, they are accurate and responsible.
17:31 24 Apr 22
I’ve dealt with hundreds of solicitors through business over the years but I must say Cristina and Lexidy Law are really something special. Responsiveness, proactiveness, knowledge and professionalism is, quite frankly, outstanding.M.
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor
11:03 31 Mar 22
Lexidy did an amazing job setting up our company in Spain, which was a complicated and lengthy affair which they handled with patience and professionalism. Their ongoing tax, accounting and payroll services have been greatly appreciated. Friendly and professional team with perfect English. Highly recommended!
Jonas Hendrickx
Jonas Hendrickx
15:50 03 Dec 21
The labour law advice I was looking for. Delivered the answer quoting the law texts in Spanish as requested to make sure I was actually getting the correct answer for my question!These people are worth your money.
Kristen Wilkinson
Kristen Wilkinson
14:53 20 Oct 21
Update: While all of the initial responses were pretty quick, they started getting busy, so I had to constantly follow up. We have since sought assistance elsewhere.My husband and I plan to move from the USA to Porto, Portugal in the spring/early summer of 2023. We didn't know where to start or what to expect. I searched online and found Lexidy Law Boutique. Their website is intuitive, informative and inviting. I emailed the office and Lidiane responded within a few hours. Based on the information in my email, she emailed us appropriate information on our situation. She was very professional and offered to set up a web call if we wanted to. We ended up having our web call today and will be starting our journey of becoming Portuguese citizens. She informed us of the first steps, all of the documentation we need and what the law firm can do for us. Right after our call, she emailed us detailed information regarding pricing and what is entailed in that pricing. So far, the beginning of our journey is a positive one.
Parisa Fardad
Parisa Fardad
05:20 21 Sep 21
I have started to work with this company which was my friend recommendation. My first experiences have been very good. They are responsive, friendly and cares about their costumers.
Thijs van de Laak
Thijs van de Laak
05:16 15 Sep 21
I experienced good, constructive and accurate service by Lexidy in composing my SHA. Thanks Hector and Samual
07:43 08 Sep 21
Samuel is very professional and patient. Really appreciate.
Erik van der Linden
Erik van der Linden
00:01 08 Sep 21
I contacted this company regarding a Labour dispute with a former employer. I quickly got an honest response that according to Spanish Labour laws, nothing could really be done anymore. Impressed with their swift, direct and honest opinion, I explained this was a very unusual case and would like to hire their services. Again I got a swift and direct answer that they did not deal with those kind of cases. Rather than milking a client, they showed admirable integrity by turning down the case…. a rare quality these days. My compliments.
Signore Raffaele
Signore Raffaele
12:53 07 Sep 21
The service I have received from Hector has been extraordinary.He has helped me opening bank accounts, managing my NIE and setting up my company's branch in Spain.I am very grateful for the help and the exceptional treatment and management.I won't hesitate to contact him again for any other business I may need.
16:40 04 Sep 21
We used Lexidy to help establish our company in Spain. The whole team and especially Samuel, were very helpful and professional. Their customer service is excellent. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommend.

Corporate Department Services


Our multilingual experienced lawyers will guide you through the whole process, advising you on each step to perform the due diligence proceedings until everything is completed for your peace-of-mind. Our services include the following:

  • Advice on the definition of strategies in investment and disinvestment processes
  • Support and advice on business and asset purchase and sale processes
  • Legal and tax advice in respect of group restructuring
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Execution of association and cooperation agreements and structures (Joint Ventures)
  • Coordination of international M&A processes, including due diligence


Our General corporate advice involves providing counsel on the following matters:

  • Drafting the Company by-laws
  • Advise on the most efficient and compliant corporate governance structure
  • Assistance at the shareholders and board meetings
  • Drafting of minutes and certificates 
  • Advice on the optimisation of distribution of dividends and interest payments abroad
  • Provision of Legal Advice on directors duties and liability, share dealings and corporate compliance, as well as company secretarial services.


We provide our clients with access to information on the legal and financial status of Spanish companies enrolled in the Commercial Register. For example, information on its organizational and shareholder structure, annual statements and adopted corporate resolutions.


A NIE is every foreigner’s identification number in Spain and it is required in order to file taxes, establish a business, open a bank account, and for almost any other form you will have to fill out. Save time and money by submitting your application with our English Speaking Lawyers in Spain and we’ll have your NIE ready.


To become GDPR compliant you’ll need to store, maintain and protect both your client and employee data according to the new EU-wide regulations. Lexidy can help you become compliant while you focus on the running of your business. Start the process today and minimize any risk to your operations with our English Speaking Lawyers in Spain.


Autonomo status is the Spanish equivalent of self-employed or freelance and also covers people operating (unincorporated) small businesses. There are no requirements to show any business plans, capital or prove any professional qualifications. Save time and money by registering as an autonomo with our team of English speaking Lawyers in Spain.


Empower our English Speaking Lawyers in Madrid & Barcelona to represent you in the opening of a bank account in your name, at a chosen Spanish first line bank. The Power of Attorney can be signed in Spain but also at a notary’s office in your country. It contains advanced provisions to protect you. You choose when it takes effect and which powers/authorities to grant.


We will act on your behalf to set up a subsidiary office of your company in Spain. Our services also include advice about the most suitable legal structure for your business, taking into account details such as the size of the company, the number of shareholders, the purpose of the business, and tax implications.


We will help you launch a Branch Office of your business without you travelling to Spain. A branch office does not have its own legal identity, does not require a minimum share capital, and acts as an agent within the limit of the powers granted by the parent company. Setup a branch office efficiently with Lexidy.


A trademark is a sign that distinguishes one brand from another. Trademarks can be words, logos, devices or other distinctive features – or a combination of these. The trademark registration process takes from 5 to 10 months to complete if no oppositions are filed against your application.


Voluntarily striking off or closing a company in Spain, for whatever reason, can be daunting if you are unaware of the potential steps or pitfalls involved. That is why we strongly encourage our clients to get early legal advice to avoid a later headache.  Our Spanish Lawyers will guide through the process to have your company liquidated cleanly without leaving a trail of civil and/or possibly criminal liabilities behind you.


Collecting overdue debts without legal help can be a very time-consuming, stressful and frustrating process. The day-to-day running of your business should be your focus, not chasing debtors. Lexidy can help you reclaim the money you are owed – efficiently, legally, and conveniently.


All business enterprises in Spain, whether they are Limited Liability Companies or Public Companies, require a Company Secretary as part of having good and proper governance in place. Contact us to get more information.


Get your payroll managed by our organized experts and make sure you are fillfilling all obligations as an employer to your staff.

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