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What you should know about your commercial lease during State of Alarm

COMMERCIAL LEASES: THE INTRODUCTION OF A NEW MORATORIUM Through the adoption of the Real Decree 15/2020 on April 21st 2020, the Spanish government grants a protection to the companies whose business is affected by the crisis of COVID-19. This new regulation will come into force on the 23rd of April 2020. As for the measures applied for rental agreements, the…
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Can I purchase a property in Spain during the crisis?

Pay rent

I cannot pay my rent anymore, what can I do?

A Guide on the new measures regarding rental contracts and mortgages from March 31st 2020 The Spanish government, aware of the economic repercussions of the current health crisis, has decided to approve a package of measures to relieve those citizens who are having difficulties to pay their rent. These measures will come into force in a few days. How does…
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How Will COVID-19 Affect The Real Estate Market In Spain?

Lexidy discusses the impact and opportunity of the Coronavirus on the real estate market in Spain  Spain is known to be a top destination for Real estate Investment ! However, with the news and social media inundated with stories regarding the coronavirus, it can be difficult to sort the hysterical talk from actual fact. What will be the impact of …

How To Get A Spanish or Portuguese Golden Visa With A Real Estate Investment

Momentary Stabilization Real Estate Market

Momentary Stabilization of The Spanish Real Estate Market

As per several studies Lexidy has had access to, regarding the real estate sector in Spain. We are able to anticipate a change of cycle. After years of continuous expansion, the market appears to be experiencing a momentary stabilization  in Spanish real estate  The most recently obtained data supports this prediction. For example the case of the mortgage granting statistics.…
What You Need To Know About Additional Lease Obligations For Cash Deposit On Spanish Rentals

What You Need To Know About Cash Deposit On Spanish Rentals

Imagine you are renting an apartment in Spain; a normal deposit is already costly and in most of the cases, compulsory. Recently, The “Agencia Negociadora del Alquiler” has detected a loophole in the latest Spanish Royal Decree Law on rentals.  The latest regulation passed March 1st limits the additional guarantees (better known as security deposit) that landlords may require tenants.…
3 Reasons Why You Will Need a Lawyer For Buying Real Estate in Spain

3 Reasons Why You Will Need a Lawyer For Buying Real Estate in Spain

Hiring a lawyer for buying real estate in Spain is a wise decision. For most cases, you will need a lawyer for buying real estate in Spain. Property ownership is a milestone and a significant financial investment. Not knowing how the Spanish legislation works can make an already intricate transaction confusing We can’t ignore the fact that many of the…
720 Form

720 Forms: 6 Questions and Answers on Assets Abroad

You may have heard that if you are a Spanish Tax Resident, you have the obligation to inform the assets you may have abroad.  That is correct! If you find yourself wondering the specifics, please let us explain you a bit more on the 720 Form. WHAT IS 720 FORM? 720 Form is an Informative Form on Assets Abroad. Informative…

The 4 Main Tax Implications to Consider in Spanish Real Estate