Residence permit for British citizens in Spain

The Impact of Brexit on Commercial Agreements

The Brexit has finally happened, but without any agreement its consequences are still unclears. How could you be prepared to the effect on trade relations between the UK and the EU State Members before the adoption of the future deal ? As an entrepreneur you must be aware of any scenarios such as: the significant increase of the cost of…
Entrepreneurs Law: Processing Time

Spanish Entrepreneurs Law and Processing Time

Since the introduction of the Law 14/2013 for Entrepreneurs, which regulates the application for a residency permit for Highly Qualified Professionals, Intracompany Transfers, Entrepreneurs, Investigators and Investors, many applications have been presented and resolved. With regard to this, we deem it necessary to clarify a specific feature of this procedure; the processing time, which the Entrepreneurs Law indeed regulates, but…

Spanish Nationality for UK Citizens

Yes! It is possible to get Spanish Nationality if you are a UK citizen! Since January 31st the United Kingdom is not a party of the European Union anymore. Until 31 December 2020 a transition period is in place in order to enable the UK and the European Union to adapt to this new situation. After that, it is not…

How Will Brexit Affect British Citizens Currently Residing In Spain And Seeking Relocation?

Importing And Selling To The EU After Brexit

Do you own a British company that imports and sells goods to the European Union? Are you worried about the after Brexit consequences for your business? It is known that Brexit will take place in January 2020 and the fact that The United Kingdom exits the European Union will have many effects in the market. In this summary we propose…
What British Citizens Need To Know About Brexit?

What British Citizens Need To Know About Brexit

All British citizens in Spain, whether you are English, Scottish, Welsh or North Irish, must be informed of the important changes that might come your way if Brexit goes ahead.  I’m sure you have been following recent developments in the Brexit negotiations closely. Therefore, Lexidy has created a note to give a quick update about what all of this means…
Spain the most appealing option for investment firms considering a move from the UK

Spain: Best Option for Business Considering a Move From the UK

Yes! According to the “Comisión Nacional de Mercado y Valores” Spain is the best option for business considering a move from the United Kingdom after Brexit. As the 31st of October approaches, the UK is faced with the decision of leaving the EU. This decision alone, implies disruption to the thousands of investment firms and other financial institutions based there.…

What a No-Deal Brexit Means for UK residents in the European Union

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