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Guide to Debt collection in Spain: Five legal routes.

Do you carry out commercial operations with Spanish companies and are you having difficulties in making the payments they owe you? Do you suffer continuous in receiving debts that often exceed more than 60 days? Legal debt collection usually is not desired action, however, is helpful in most of the cases. This guide will briefly

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The work contract shall be performed in any of the current official forms approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of the Spanish government. The type of contract shall be based on the duration of the contract, with the possibility of being a fixed or an indefinite term contract. I. FIXED-TERM CONTRACTS The
I. PREVIOUS STEPS FOR PROPERTY PURCHASE A.1.- OBTAINING THE SPANISH FOREIGNERS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NIE) A.1.1.- Explanation Foreigners who, for their economic, professional or social interests are related to Spain need to get the Spanish Identification number (NIE). A.1.2.- Documentation required – (i) A complete apostilled copy of the Passport (all of the pages) or (ii)