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Guide to Debt collection in Spain: Five legal routes.

Do you carry out commercial operations with Spanish companies and are you having difficulties in making the payments they owe you? Do you suffer continuous in receiving debts that often exceed more than 60 days? Legal debt collection usually is not desired action, however, is helpful in most of the cases. This guide will briefly

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Because of the current Coronavirus crisis and the various measures implemented by the governments, many businesses see their viability affected since they had to stop their economic activity while continuing to be subject to expenses.  In light of this development, it is a logical consequence that once the confinement in Spain is lifted and the
The inheritance regime according to the Spanish Civil Code and the inheritance tax Inheritance refers to the set of assets, rights and obligations that a person leaves behind when they die. In Spain, there are different laws that apply to the inheritance of a person. On the one hand, there is the national, Spanish civil
An inevitable consequence of the Coronavirus outbreak is that many businesses, individuals and freelancers will end up being insolvent, unable to pay their debts. People and businesses that find themselves in that unfortunate situation will be subject to a bankruptcy proceeding.  Bankruptcy proceedings are the process by which an insolvent debtor seeks to satisfy, to
Why is it important to understand if the taxpayer will be deemed as a Spanish Tax Resident or not? Spanish Tax Residents must pay taxes on their worldwide income. Employment income and property income (rental income and sole ownership income) will be taxed at a progressive rate which can go up to a 48%, depending
Could COVID-19 make you a Spanish Tax payer resident? This is the question that can be asked by someone who, as a result of the COVID-19, has had to temporarily change their residence, with no final date in sight, either because they have been confined or are obliged to respect a quarantine in their place
COVID-19 is changing the world, and with it, the immigration laws countries in such as Spain. An opportunity for many looking for gate ways into Spain . Recently, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration intends to reform and modify the Immigration laws in order to make access to employment in Spain more flexible
COMMERCIAL LEASES: THE INTRODUCTION OF A NEW MORATORIUM Through the adoption of the Real Decree 15/2020 on April 21st 2020, the Spanish government grants a protection to the companies whose business is affected by the crisis of COVID-19. This new regulation will come into force on the 23rd of April 2020. As for the measures
The members of the European Council agreed on March 17th, 2020 to apply, for a period of 30 days, a temporary restriction on non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen associated countries. The agreement was aimed at limiting the spread of the COVID-19 contagion. Spain applied this agreement by means of
Whenever a marriage comes to an end it also means the start of an economic relationship. At Lexidy Law Boutique, we know how unpleasant this process can be. This is why our team of experts in Matrimonial Law can advise you regarding the procedure to pursue in case you have decided to take this important
At Lexidy Law Boutique, our lawyers specialised in inheritance matters would like to briefly explain the Spanish specialties and legal aspects of an inheritance, which must be taken into account whether you are an heir or the grantor of a will. IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO MAKE A WILL? WHAT IF A RELATIVE DIES WITHOUT