contractual compliance

Covid-19 and Contractual Compliance

The current health crisis following the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) is not only having an impact on public health, but also on the global economy and the business world. We are therefore facing a new reality with unforeseeable legal and economic consequences, in which companies must be aware that all the measures being taken to contain the virus may interfere…
tax coronavirus

Special Measures Regarding Tax Matters Due to Covid 19

Recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 took a drastic turn, which has led to a huge change of our everyday lives. Today in Spain, where possible, the Spanish workforce is working from home, affecting markets at every level. In view of the severe situation, the government is currently leaning towards special measures not only in health matters but also in economic…

Digital presentation for immigration applications

All those who have an appointment with the immigration office after March 16th and receive a cancellation of the appointment due to the current sanitary crisis, may submit the Digital presentation for immigration applications for initial residence and/or work permits Due to the crisis that we are suffering because of the expansion of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), those who have an…