Business Relocation: Move your UK or US company to Spain

Table of contents Relocation of companies outside the EU.Transfer of EU-based companies.Requirements and steps to be followed.How to relocate your company to Spain? Business relocation to Spain has been gaining popularity recently. In light of the uncertain situation related to Brexit and US elections, some of our British and American clients have inquired about the possibility of relocation of their…
Company dissolution and maintenance in Spain ( 2020 Update).

Company dissolution and maintenance in Spain ( 2020 Fall Update)

Unfortunately, company dissolution and liquidation caused by bankruptcy is a common process that hard to avoid without a proper business strategy. In fact, not all the time forming a company leads to a successful future. Actual outcomes are hard to predict, especially during times of rapid changes unless making action to mitigate risks. This article describes the procedures involved in…
Start your business in Spain 2020: FAQs you have to know

Start your business in Spain 2020: FAQs you should know.

You might wonder how to open your own company but it seems that the topic is extremely broad and spread out across the internet. For this purpose, our corporate experts gave answers to the most popular question about starting a business in Spain. By knowing the tricks, the whole process turns to be a piece of cake. Questions: How long…
Infographic: Debt collection in 3 steps

Infographic: Debt collection in 3 Steps

Regain old loss: demand debt with legal procedure. Did you know that the debt collection process commonly includes 3 main phases? At the first glance, it seems like a laborious topic, but the more you know, the more convenient it may become for you. The collection service is the most helpful in cases when third parties, as companies or individuals,…
Debt collection in Spain

Guide to Debt collection in Spain: Five legal routes.

Do you carry out commercial operations with Spanish companies and are you having difficulties in making the payments they owe you? Do you suffer continuous in receiving debts that often exceed more than 60 days? Legal debt collection usually is not desired action, however, is helpful in most of the cases. This guide will briefly explain the different ways to collect…
Remote workers in Spain

Digital nomads in Spain: best cities, visas options and more (Fall Update)

Making the first step toward the life of a digital nomad in Spain is exciting. You might have seen people on social media who balance an adventurous lifestyle and remote work. They explore endless opportunities by having the freedom to move and desire for changes. You don’t need to be an influencer to have an exact lifestyle. It is an…
Barcelona Office

Case Study: A guide to setting up a company in Spain

Barcelona Office

Quarantine in Spain will be taken into account for Spanish tax residency


Residence permit for British citizens in Spain

WE HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS ON THE APPLICATION PROCESS FOR A RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR BRITISH CITIZENS As you know, on 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom ceased to be part of the European Union. This departure was reflected in the Withdrawal Agreement, where a transitional period was set which will last until 31 December 2020. That agreement recognises that those British…

Post Covid 19 Traffic Air Restrictions in Spain

(ORDER INT/578/202020, of June 29th) On June 11th, the European Commission presented its Communication on the third assessment of the application of temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the European Union. From July 1st, 2020, travel restrictions from third countries will be progressively lifted throughout the Schengen area. Based primarily on the epidemiological situation, an initial list of third countries…